“Equal Pay Day”: BVG offers women’s ticket on Monday – women pay less

“Equal Pay Day”
:Women pay less on Monday for a public transport ticket of the BVG

Equal Pay Day




Berlin –

For the “Equal Pay Day” on March 18th there will be a cheaper public transport ticket in Berlin for women only. The ticket valid for one day is the world’s first women’s ticket, according to the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). It should cost 5.50 euros and thus about 21 percent less than the normal day ticket (7.00 euros) – because women in Germany earned on average 21 percent less than men, said the BVG to justify.

The “Equal Pay Day” symbolizes the different pay of men and women. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there was an average salary difference of 21 percent across all sectors and occupations. Women earn less because they work more often part-time and in lower-paid occupations such as social work. If one excludes these factors, women earn about six percent less than men for the same work in Germany (as of 2014). (AP)