Marbuger Bund: Doctors threaten with warning strikes at more than 500 clinics

Collective bargaining failed
:Doctors threaten with warning strikes at more than 500 clinics

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Berlin –

The patients of the 500 municipal hospitals must expect warning strikes from doctors in the coming weeks. The large tariff commission of the medical union Marburger federation explained the collective bargaining for approximately 55 000 medical doctors on Saturday in Berlin for failed, as the Marburger federation communicated. Warning strikes are now possible. However, preparations for the industrial action still have to be made. Among other things, operations could be postponed.

At the same time, the Marburger Bund is preparing a ballot among its members on regular strikes. “We have agreed to an agreement at the negotiating table,” said the chairman of the Marburger Bund, Rudolf Henke. The offer of the Association of Municipal Employers’ Associations (VKA) is to be understood as an attempt to take the doctors self-respect. “Therefore, the pressure must now be increased.” However, sufficient emergency services are ensured.

Demands of the Marburgers federal

The Marburger Bund demands five percent more money as well as restrictions on on-call services, including through at least two free weekends a month. The working time must also be recorded without manipulation. The VKA had offered according to Marburger Bund at the third round of negotiations last Wednesday, only 1.4 percent for 2019 and 0.83 percent for 2020. “In all crucial points for us, the employers were on the brakes,” said Henke.
The union also accused the VKA of refusing legal protection for its collective agreements. The background is the tariff unit law passed in 2015. In a company, therefore, only the conclusion of the union with the most members should apply. The Marburg Confederation emphasized that the Verdi union had long since agreed that the collective agreement of the other union should not be ousted. Verdi also has many members in the clinics, which also apply the civil service collective agreement.
With the Marburger federation one fears that with the VKA for the first time employers in the court could request the determination of the union majority. The VKA, on the other hand, assured that the Marburger Bund was the responsible union for the hospital doctors for them.
In 2006, the Marburger Bund was almost daily in the headlines, as the clinicians struggled with a strike for more money and better conditions. It was the first medical strike in Germany for decades.