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:Berlin schools should receive faster Internet

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Schoolgirls work on computers in the classroom of a primary school.

Schoolgirls work on computers in the classroom of a primary school.


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Berlin –

Many Berlin schools currently have only a very lame Internet connection, many smartboards are even scrapped because no one waits. But starting this year, the public schools in the capital will finally get faster Internet. As a first step, all vocational schools and upper grades centers would be connected to the fast fiber-optic network in 2019, said State Secretary Mark Rackles (SPD). All other skin urban schools should then follow step by step. The state of Berlin will do it on its own and will not need funds from the federal digital pact. “In the general schools, Berlin will act on a district basis,” said Rackles. Will be started later this year with Neuklln. “Each school is to receive a data supply of 1Gbit per second,” added Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD).

As a result, tablets, smartboards, computers and smartphones should be used more effectively as aids in the classroom. Berlin is seeking a contractual agreement between the state-owned IT service center and the telecommunications company.

Digital education platform in Berlin

Perspectively a digital education platform in Berlin is to be offered. Secretary of State Rackles recently said to the Education Committee that a school cloud at the federal level but rather unlikely. Rather, one must clarify the question of whether they want their own state-owned school cloud or wants to use private-sector platforms such as itslearning from Norway.

In addition, Berlin expects in the next few years with 257 million euros from the more than 5 billion euros federal digital pact. This year could be expected to invest 38 million euros, it said. The schools are currently developing their media concepts and the districts are developing an IT development concept. All kinds of funding are provided through the federal funds: digital networking on the campus, server solutions, school WLAN, the development of learning infrastructures, interactive boards and mobile devices such as laptops or tablets. Smartphones are not eligible. For some manufacturers should therefore start soon golden times.

On Friday, the Federal Council had decided on the amendment of the Basic Law necessary for the Digital Pact. Brandenburg would receive according to own data 151 million euro. The private school association was pleased that independent schools can also apply for federal investment in education, depending on their national share.