Australia: Teenager is celebrated after egg attack on right senator

:Teenager is celebrated after egg attack on right senator


Fraser Anning (left) during the egg attack



Melbourne –

A 17-year-old, who has broken an egg on the head of a xenophobic Australian MP after the Christchurch attack, is celebrated on the Internet as a hero. Under the hashtag #eggboy the teenager received a lot of encouragement from the whole world over the weekend.

Right-wing Senator Fraser Anning had given a speech in Melbourne on Saturday in which he again blamed immigration on Muslims for attacking mosques in neighboring New Zealand, the Australian media reported. Then the teenager Anning attacked with the egg.

Anning is causing a stir with Tweet

In a video distributed by Australian media, it was seen as the teenager stands behind the senator during the interview and films him with his smartphone. Then the 17-year-old smashes an egg on the politician’s head, which turns around and repeatedly hits the teenager.

An employee holds Anning back, while more bystanders throw the youth on the floor and hold on. The police arrested the 17-year-old egg attacker, but later released him.

Anning had tweeted after the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday: “Does anyone still deny the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” In a statement to the media, he had continued his position.

Prime Minister demands consequences

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison sharply condemned Anning’s comment. The government and the opposition agreed to file a petition for denouncing Anning when the parliament reunited in April. Given the slap that the MP had missed the adolescent, Morrison demanded that Anning face the harshness of the law.

The Senator for Queensland is known for his failures. Last August, he caused outrage by using a term from the Nazi vocabulary when, in a speech to Parliament, he called for a “final solution” to problems with immigrants. During the Nazi era, the National Socialists in Germany described the millionfold murder of Jews as a “final solution”.