Berlin’s Social Senator Elke Breitenbach is planning tent cities for the homeless

“In an unproblematic situation”
:Social Senator plans tent cities for the homeless in Berlin

Tent camp of homeless people in Friedrichshain

A tent camp of the homeless in Berlin-Friedrichshain (archive picture)


imago / Bernd Friedel

Berlin’s Social Senator Elke Breitenbach (left) checks the housing of homeless people in so-called tent cities. “It’s about homeless people who can not or do not want to take advantage of offers in emergency accommodation,” said the senator in the newspaper “BZ am Sonntag”. It is therefore “often” to Eastern Europeans, “since the end of 2016 have no claim to a dormitory place.” The homeless, who in homes can not abide by rules such as the ban on pets, alcohol and drugs, are also affected.

Camping in tents should be possible only for a limited time, “three to six months”. The tents could be built on fallow “in an unproblematic situation”. However, the approval of the districts is necessary. It was necessary toilets, laundry facilities and social workers. “We have the homeless on the street anyway,” says Breitenbach in the newspaper. Poverty will continue to increase.

Wild tent camps of homeless people in Berlin-Mitte are regularly evacuated. “But you have solved no problem,” said Breitenbach. People would only be expelled “from A to B”. (AP)