Totalan in Spain: Two-year-old boy fell into a 110 meter deep hole

Probably fallen into borehole:Helpers work feverishly to rescue the two-year-old


Just 25 inches wide is the shaft into which the boy should have fallen.



Madrid –

Spain continues to worry about the life of a two-year-old boy who is said to have fallen into a 110-meter deep well when playing. One must keep the hope for a good exit, wrote Prime Minister Pedro Snchez on Sunday evening on Twitter. Also on Tuesday morning, the rescue work continued.

Rescue work Totaln

Rescue work in Totaln near Malaga



Without success, more than 100 members of the fire brigade, police, civil defense and other emergency services had been looking for the boy in the night on Monday in a rural area of the municipality Totaln in the province of Mlaga. There is no news, said the accident service on Monday on Twitter. Whether Julen was still alive remained unknown for the time being.

Family wants to hear boys cry

The little one is said to have fallen on Sunday afternoon at a trip of his family in the country in the bay. A police spokesman said on request that there was “no physical evidence yet” that the child was actually in the hole. But let’s assume. The family said she heard Julen crying inside the shaft. Older playmates had removed before the alleged fall, the stones with which the opening was covered, the TV channel RTVE reported, citing the parents.

The search was also difficult because the shaft has a diameter of only about 25 centimeters, said journalists of the spokesman for the paramilitary police unit Guardia Civil, Manuel Molto. With a camera you have penetrated to a depth of almost 80 meters and have found there a bag of sweets that Julen had with them, the rescue teams said.

Moisture and cold make the search more difficult

Because earth has come loose, which clogs the shaft, you can not get ahead with the camera, they said. Moisture and cold also made the search more difficult on Monday, said the representative of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior in Andalusia, Mara Gmez. Investigate the possibility of digging a parallel shaft to find the boy. (AP)