“Qualityland”: HBO makes Marc-Uwe Klings bestseller to the series

“Quality Land”
:HBO wants to make bestseller of Marc-Uwe Kling to the series

Marc-Uwe Kling started with "Poetry Slam" on Berlin stages.

Marc-Uwe Kling started with “Poetry Slam” on Berlin stages.


imago / Horst Galuschka

Big words in public, that’s not his thing. So Marc-Uwe Kling limited himself to a tweet to announce the news. His bestseller “Qualityland” is filmed as a series on HBO. Klings comment: “Crazy shit”, crazy thing.

In Qualityland, the life of algorithms is determined

With “Poetry Slam” Kling has started on Berlin stages to entertain his audience, he has founded the “reading dune”, with his “kangaroo” books get him bestseller. He is also on the stage as a musician with the band Working Group Future. “Qualityland” appeared a year ago. It is a book that is funny and serious at the same time. Kling himself called it a funny dystopia. But this novel is a little more serious and critical than the stories with the kangaroo.

The point is that in the near future, the life of algorithms will be optimized in no particular country, but in the most special, namely in Qualityland: Cars already know where to go before they are told, and then drive independently to their destination. QualityPartner determines your private life and determines who suits you best. Once a new, better partner is available at a higher level, the app arranges a date and notifies the old partner about the connection being broken. It’s a system that claims to know you better than you, and that accepts only one answer: Okay.

HBO has also produced “Game of Thrones”

Everything is personalized, so everyone lives only in his own bubble. The book is available in two versions: bright for the optimists and dark for the apocalyptists.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Mike Judge will develop the series for HBO based on Klings novel. Judge has previously worked in the serial production “Silicon Valley” with the crazy start-up scene in California. HBO is the longest-selling pay-TV channel in the United States. His outstanding productions include “Game of Thrones”.