Police report: Accident: cyclists run over by trucks

March 15, 2019


Cyclists run over by trucks

In the night to Friday it came on the Berlin Chaussee at the height of the birch road to a serious accident. A cyclist loaded with shopping bags got under a truck at 20 o’clock on a wet track and was seriously injured. There is currently no further information on the current state of health of the accident victim. The police determine the exact accident. (PDE)


Kellerbrand – Eleven residents rescued from the house

Kellerbrand Hellersdorf

Hellersdorf, March 15, 2019:It burnt down in six cellar sheds in a five-storey residential building. The residents of the house on Zerbster Strasse have rescued the fire department from their homes. Nobody got hurt.


Morris Pudwell

In a five-storey residential building in Berlin-Hellersdorf, it burnt down in six basement cramps during the night of Friday. Eleven residents of the house in the Zerbster road has rescued the fire department out of the house, as a spokesman announced on Friday. The approximately 35 rescue workers have partially taken the residents to safety via turntables, it was said. Nobody got hurt. After a good hour, the fire was under control. Who or what triggered the fire, but was still unclear. (AP)

March 14, 2019


Missing senior found dead

Since January 27, the 81-year-old Helmut Werner D. was reported missing. The police report that the body of the missing person was found floating in the Spree last Wednesday. A water police patrol boat found the body on Wednesday evening at Nalepastrasse level and hid it. A recent autopsy showed no evidence of a third party debt. Helmut Werner D. had left his apartment in the Park Street in Oberschneweide in an unknown direction and had not returned. The man was suffering from dementia and at times completely disoriented. (BC)


Unknown attack bus with AfD politicians at the Ostbahnhof

A bus hired by the AfD has been attacked at Berlin Ostbahnhof. Unknown people threw stones, paint bags and bengalos on the bus on Thursday morning, the police said. According to initial findings nobody was hurt, as a spokesman said. According to the AFD, 17 members of the party are said to have sat in the bus. According to police several windows were destroyed. The police state protection of the State Criminal Police Office took over the investigation.
The AfD politician Georg Pazderski criticized the attack. “Against such inhumane street terror must proceed with the full severity of the law,” wrote the leader of the Berlin AfD in a statement. (AP)


Laceration after attack with brass knuckles

An unknown person attacked a man at Westkreuz station in Berlin-Charlottenburg with a brass ring. The 47-year-old had argued on Wednesday at 14.30 clock, according to his own statements, first with his unknown offender, reported the police on Thursday. During the dispute, the man with a brass knuckle hit him, then he had fled with the S-Bahn. The victim suffered a laceration on his head and was taken to a clinic. The police have started the investigation and are currently looking for the as yet unidentified culprit. (Dpa)

Friedrichsfelde / Kreuzberg

Several fires in the night to Thursday in Berlin

On the night of Thursday it burned in an apartment in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde and on a balcony in Kreuzberg. Around 11:10 pm, furnishings in a flat in Friedrichsfelde on the tenth floor of an eleven-storey residential building caught fire. This was announced by the fire brigade on Thursday. How it came to the fire at Rosenfelder Ring, was initially unknown. Around 40 firefighters were on site for over an hour to extinguish the flames. Nobody got hurt.

Already at 9.45 pm, lumber in Kreuzberg went up in flames on a balcony on the second floor. Again, no one was injured. The fire brigade was in action with around 20 forces on Kommandantenstrae. How it came to this fire was also still unclear. (AP)


Car in flames – Police suspect arson

In Berlin-Lichtenberg, a car caught fire on the night of Thursday. Police suspect arson, a spokeswoman said. Accordingly, heard a local resident in the volcano road at 2.50 clock a loud noise and then saw the burning vehicle. However, even before the arrival of the alarmed rescue teams, the flames extinguished by themselves. Nobody was hurt by the fire. The investigation continues. (AP)


Car overturns on the A 100

On Wednesday afternoon on the A 100 a 37-year-old collided with her Mitsubishi in height of the motorway triangle Charlottenburg with a truck. The driver skidded and hit her car. Alerted rescue workers brought the seriously injured and her 47-year-old co-driver, also severely injured, to a hospital for inpatient treatment. The truck driver was unhurt. (BC)


Pedestrian started

In the Feurigstrae, a 77-year-old has been hit by the Opel of a 21-year-olds. The elderly woman crashed. Alerted rescue workers took her to a hospital for inpatient treatment for a fracture. (BC)


Heavy robbery – victim in clinic

With head injuries, a man has come to a clinic after a serious robbery. The 35-year-old had been attacked by four unknown persons at around 14:50 in front of an aid facility in the Jebensstrae. Allegedly, the perpetrators tried to rob his jukebox. When the man fled, he was again attacked, thrown with a glass bottle and, already lying on the ground, beaten and kicked. The 35-year-old, who was heavily intoxicated, was able to flee to the aid facility, from where employees alerted fire and police. The attackers fled. Because of his poor health, the victim came to the hospital for inpatient treatment. (BC)


Employee ambushed

On Wednesday evening, two masked rob workers of a business in Kreuzberg. Shortly after 19 o’clock the man left the souvenir shop in the Friedrichstrasse over the yard. Suddenly the strangers approached him, threatening him with a firearm and robbing him of a cash register. He got a punch in the stomach. The attackers emptied the cash register and fled. The 20-year-old suffered minor injuries. (BC)

March 13, 2019


Cyclist dies after falling

After a fall, a cyclist died in Gesundbrunnen at night on Wednesday. As the police announced, a passerby had found the 62-year-old lifeless on the sidewalk Uferstrae, corner Bornemannstrae lying around 8.30 clock on Monday morning. Rescuers reanimated the fallen cyclist and took him to a clinic, where he died. How exactly it came to the fall is still being determined. (BC)


Who saw the squinting robber?

After a robbery on Tuesday morning at the S-Bahn station Tiergarten, the Berlin police are now looking for witnesses. The suspect is said to have rioted around 3.30 clock at the bicycle parking on the bikes. He was observed by two men and then harassed or insulted the older of the two witnesses, police said. Subsequently, the man is said to have tracked and beaten a 48-year-old on the platform. With the backpack of the victim the suspect has fled.

The suspect is described as follows:

  • 40 to 45 years old
  • 175 to 180 cm tall
  • thin stature
  • black, short hair
  • probably had an eye deformity (strabismus)

Notices to any police station or the internet station. (BC)

Lwenberger country

Train seized car – 30-year-old injured

An unmarked railroad crossing has a 30-year-old caught in his car by the train and injured. On Tuesday at 17 clock was the man, apparently without attention to the rail traffic, drove in the district Grieben the community Lwenberger Land on the tracks, as the police reported. An approaching train could not stop there and drove into the car. For about two and a half hours, the train then had to interrupt his journey. A passenger suffered a shock and, like the 30-year-old, was taken to hospital. At 19.30 clock the track was released again. Overall, several tens of thousands of euros damage. (AP)


Chemicals leaked into hospital buildings

Around 12:14 clock had received an emergency call to the fire department. At first, the officers had assumed a fire in the wardhouse. The suspicion was not confirmed. Instead of a fire, two containers with concentrated disinfectant had leaked out in a technical room in the second basement of the 21-storey building. When the chemicals hit together, dangerous fumes formed. Specialists in the technical service of the fire department eliminated the chemicals and ventilated the rooms. The hospital operation was not affected according to the fire department. The Charit is now responsible for the proper disposal of the chemical. The fire department was deployed with more than 50 officers. (BC)


Ruepel bites railway employee

When he was issued a deportation, he bit heavily: Early Wednesday morning, the 38-year-old had insulted and threatened two employees of the Deutsche Bahn at the Berlin Ostbahnhof, as they wanted to enforce the house right against the Germans. A physical argument resulted in the 38-year-old bit one of the railway employees (29) in the hand. He wore gloves, but the bite was so strong that a clearly visible bite mark was visible on the thumb joint. With severe pain, the 29-year-old broke off his duty and then wanted to go himself to a doctor for medical treatment in a hospital. Against the police-known biter is now being investigated for insult, threat and assault. (BC)


Truck loses hundreds of liters of diesel


Cyclist in Pankow hit by car and seriously injured

A female cyclist was hit by a car in Berlin-Pankow and seriously injured. According to the police, the 28-year-old was on her bike on Hermann-Hesse-Strasse on Monday evening. At the height of the Heinrich-Mann-Strae, she drove past a turning bus on the left and was caught by the car of a 32-year-old driver. The cyclist suffered a pelvic fracture and was hospitalized in hospital. (AP)


Car rolls over on B1 – driver injured

A car has turned over in the night to Wednesday on the B1 in Tasdorf (Mrkisch-Oderland) for still unexplained cause. At around 2:41 am, the 39-year-old driver lost control of her vehicle. The woman was slightly injured and was taken to hospital. The police are now investigating the cause of the accident. (BC)

March 12, 2019


Woman dies in frontal collision

In a serious traffic accident on the federal highway 101, a woman died on Tuesday morning. A man had come to the hospital seriously injured, said a police spokeswoman. The woman was therefore advised with their car for reasons not yet clear shortly before Kloster Zinna in the direction of Luckenwalde (Teltow-Flming) on the opposite lane and collided head-on with a pickup truck.

The transporter tipped over and jammed the driver. The fire department had to cut him free. According to police, the van caught fire shortly thereafter. The 59-year-old woman could only be recovered dead from her car. The lane was still closed in both directions at noon. The traffic was partially diverted via Luckenwalde. (Dpa)


Car bounces against tree and turns over – driver seriously injured

A car driver has overturned his car in the district of Reinickendorf and seriously injured. The vehicle of the 58-year-old came on Monday afternoon from the Lindauer Allee and crashed into a tree, as the police announced on Tuesday. The car overturned the crash and rammed three parked vehicles across the street.
The seriously injured driver was taken to hospital for inpatient treatment. The police now determine how he could lose control of his car. The Lindauer Allee was temporarily closed for the rescue work on one side. (Dpa)


Eleven year old boy with alleged pistol sighted in front of school

An eleven-year-old boy may have been observed with a pistol in front of a Berlin school. The school in Hakenfelder Strasse in Spandau immediately alerted the police on Tuesday morning, sending a patrol car to the student’s address. The police found the boy there, but no weapon, the police told Twitter. Now it will determine the whereabouts of the weapon and the other circumstances.
Whether it was a real pistol or a firearm weapon, as they are in Berlin, acted, was not known. From a danger is currently not to be assumed, it was demanded by the police. (Dpa)


Car driver escapes and drives two pedestrians

An unknown driver injured two pedestrians in Wilmersdorf on Monday evening. Police wanted to check the VW driver in the Westphalian road around 18:15, as there was a suspicion that the driver was phoning while driving. The driver, in turn, got the project of the officials and escaped. In the direction of Fehrbelliner Platz, the man left with a co-driver sitting in the car and drove to a parking lot. Here the driver drove two pedestrians at the age of 28 and 29 years.

The VW driver fled in the direction of Brandenburg Street, where he rammed a bollard and lost control of his car. The vehicle hurled and collided at a construction site against two parked cars. Both the driver and the passenger left the damaged VW and ran away. Police officers were able to detain and check the passenger at the age of 18. The driver meanwhile escaped unrecognized. The two pedestrians had to be treated in a hospital. (BC)


58-year-old loses control of his car

A car driver suffered serious injuries in an accident in Reinickendorf on Monday afternoon. According to current findings, drove the 58-year-old driver in the Lindauer Allee. At 4 pm, the man hit his vehicle on the green strip and crashed into a tree. The car overturned, flinging into the oncoming lane and struck three parked vehicles. Rescuers took the seriously injured to hospital for inpatient treatment. (BC)


Juvenile in Rudow hit by car and seriously injured

A 15-year-old boy was seriously injured in a car accident in Berlin-Rudow on Monday evening. The teenager entered the Johannisthaler Chaussee and was approached by a car for unknown reasons, police said. An ambulance took the seriously injured boy to a hospital. The 33-year-old driver remained unhurt. (AP)


Two cars are burning

In the night of Tuesday, two parked cars on the Grbitzer way in Finsterwalde have been on fire. The police reported that the fire of the first burning car reached another car and the heat damaged a third vehicle. The police suspect arson. (AP)

March 11, 2019


Pedestrian violently injured in accident with truck

On Monday morning there was a serious traffic accident. A 56-year-old female pedestrian was hit by a truck at 9.30 am on Perleberger Strasse when his 56-year-old driver wanted to drive backwards into the driveway of a shopping mall. The woman suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital by alarmed rescue workers. The investigation continues. (BC)


Police snap bicycle thief

Instead of finding only an interested bicycle buyer as expected, a salesman and alleged thief went on Monday afternoon at the S-Bahn station Lichtenberg the police into the network. Previously, a 34-year-old had alarmed the officials. He had discovered a stolen bicycle on an internet platform where it was for sale. He then made an appointment with the seller, a 33-year-old man. The police officers who appeared as civil servants then searched the suspects and found the drugs were reportedly.

In his apartment, they came across several knives, more drugs and two bicycles, which were probably also stolen, as it was said. All the evidence was confiscated and the 33-year-old was provisionally arrested. The three-year-old child of the man handed over the officials of the mother, because the apartment made a neglected impression. They also wrote a report to the youth welfare office. His stolen bike was returned to the 34-year-old owner. (AP)

Schulzendorf (Dahme-Spreewald)

Deadly accident: car captured senior citizen

A senior citizen died in a tragic accident on her own property. Her husband had driven backwards on Monday with his car, according to police, and had wanted to stop. He had confused the brake with the accelerator. The car collided with the 80-year-old woman, who suffered such serious injuries that she died at the scene of the accident. Her 83-year-old husband suffered a shock. He was taken to a hospital. (AP)