Second game against Munich: Why is the feeling right

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  • Christian Kattner
Polar bear ahead: Captain Andr Rankel gets space.

Polar bear ahead: Captain Andr Rankel gets space.



While the other three opener games were more reminiscent of a main round game, the first duel between Munich and the Eisbren Berlin felt like play-offs. Two goalless thirds, two leaders of the polar bears in the final third, two equalizer of the Munich and the decision in the extension. The ice hockey fan can not get much more at the beginning of such a series. “We played well and in the end we had a big win,” said Eisbren head coach Stphane Richer.

Although the defeat fell in the 71th minute only a few seconds after the time penalty for Frank Hrdler and right after the bully, the disappointment was quickly gone. This Friday night, the series continues, there is not much time for mourning. Especially not if the performance has been quite appealing. “We got a lot of shots on goal, but many were from the outside,” said Richer, looking at the shot-off ratio of 30:49. The own shots were not so numerous, but dangerous. But the effectiveness was missing in the first two-thirds. “We were close, had good chances, even in overtime in the majority,” said Andr Rankel, “we therefore go with a good feeling in the game on Friday.”

Much has changed

At 7.30 pm, the captain and his team will be in the role of the host. This constellation was last on January 29th. In the former 2: 6 the Munich were superior in all respects, could always shift up a gear, if it was necessary. Since then a lot has changed. “All players are back. We’ve played well lately and so much more confidence, we’re a completely different team, “said Rankel.

Last eight wins from nine main round games helped the team not only in the table, but above all mentally. Something that has not escaped the people of Munich and has once again grown respect for the polar bears. “Berlin has been strong for the last few weeks and we were warned,” said coach Don Jackson.

The first defeat should not have been a setback for the Berliners. They have had to deal with quite different situations this season, are hardy when it comes to losing out as a loser. The first game has shown that the polar bears in this series can be at eye level. To keep it that way, another good performance should follow on Friday and this time be rewarded with a win. How to do that, Rankel reveals: “We must not have any turnover, need to quickly bring the disc out of our own zone and put Munich under pressure. Then they will make mistakes. “