Comment on Road Renaming in the African Quarter in Middle: Vermurkstes Procedure

Comment on road renaming
:The procedure was ruined from the beginning

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In the African district, some streets are to be renamed.

In the African district, some streets are to be renamed.


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What do Greens and Social Democrats in the district Mitte think about citizen participation? In 2016, after the election, they wrote a lot – this is what they wrote in their agreement on cooperation: “Participatory procedures in the design of neighborhoods, new buildings and open spaces …”. As far as the paper. How they really hold it, when the “wrong” participate, the citizens are just preexercised: 1199 contradictions are received against the street renaming in the African Quarter.

They are – formally correct – “processed”, according to the order of receipt. And the citizens will – have to pay the fees incurred – just as correct. That’s what they get when they develop deviant ideas. The high number of contradictions impressed neither deputies nor the responsible councilwoman. Off to the bin with the annoying comments.

Renaming in the African district causes irritation instead of neighborliness

Nothing against representative democracy and its elected body, the district council. It’s a good thing that we have them and that they decide – instead of undermining democratic foundations through the otherwise popular plebiscites of the Reds and Greens.

But as in Mitte you do not deal with citizens. From the beginning, the procedure was ruined because one wanted to like a small group of political lobbyists. The cohabitation is sacrificed in a particularly colorful district, where on the streets Asia pan next to Zagreb grill is located. This kind of renaming causes irritation instead of neighborliness. There are already fears that the annoyed non-hearing of civil actions will inspire the AfD. Is not that stupid?