Schnefeld Airport: man wants to smuggle Boa snake in his pants

Schoenefeld Airport:Man wants to smuggle Boa in the Buxe

Boa Airport Schnefeld

This snake wanted to smuggle a man through the security check at Schnefeld airport.


Main Customs Office Schnefeld

Schoenefeld –

At the Schnefeld airport, a man noticed something that “carried something in his pants that did not belong there.” As the customs said on Monday, the 43-year-old man carried a snake with him. He had hidden the 40-centimeter boa in a bag in his pants.

The incident happened already on Christmas Eve, the customs titled the message as “oddest find 2018”. The 43-year-old wanted to travel to Israel by plane.

Since the man could not present the necessary documents for the animal, the queue was seized by the officials of the main customs office Potsdam. The boa was brought to the reptile rescue station in Brandenburg / Havel. The man is awaiting a fine procedure. (BC)