Death of an eleven-year-old girl in Berlin-Reinickendorf: Headmistress contradicts Carsten Stahl: “Dead student was not a victim of bullying”

Suicide of an eleven-year-old in Reinickendorf
:“Dead student was not a bullying victim”

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Mourning announcements of the pupils at the Hausotter elementary school in Reinickendorf.

Mourning announcements of the pupils at the Hausotter elementary school in Reinickendorf.


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Here they sat on Thursday afternoon in Room 376 of the House of Representatives, the politicians and six experts, charged by the respective groups. And it came differently for some than thought.

Headmistress contradicts bullying coach Carsten Stahl

The controversial bullying coach Carsten Stahl.

The disputed bullying coach Carsten Stahl had invited the CDU on Thursday as experts in the Education Committee of the House of Representatives.


Volkmar Otto

In turn: The FDP faction had requested after the death of an eleven-year elementary school student of the Reinickendorfer Hausotter school this hearing on “bullying in Berlin schools”. The CDU invited as its expert the self-proclaimed anti-bullying expert Carsten Stahl, who had made the case public by calling a newspaper. The girl had been driven by bullying to death, guilty of being idle politicians, Stahl had at that time at parents’ meetings at the school in a loud, angry voice recited.

On Thursday in committee, the spirited Carsten Stahl put in the meeting room. Bullying in schools is tolerated, no one wants to take a closer look, everything runs side by side, indignant steel, whose black-gray suit stretched for sheer muscle mass.

After some time, Daniela Wagner, head of the Hausotter elementary school, spoke. The woman in the black leather blouson had been to the girl’s funeral in the morning. Now she objected in the committee Carsten steel. “The student who died was not a bullying victim,” she said in a low, steady voice. After the death of the girl in the hospital, she had had close contact with the parents, who had never commented on the cause of death. A mobbing reproach, the parents had never raised. And right after the winter break, the younger sister told the dead student of her classmate that she would continue to attend school, the headmistress continues. The message: If there was really so much bullying at this school, the parents would probably not let the second daughter go further.

CDU politician Hildegard Bentele criticizes education senator Sandra Scheeres

The 46-year-old steel initially did not respond directly. The former member of a Neuklln youth gang has itself reported bullying. Like his little son. Today he gives anti-bullying courses for children and adults, coping with confrontational situations, certainly very credible. He is booked by schools and even by the Bundeswehr, as he emphasized in parliament.

CDU education politician Hildegard Bentele then moved in the committee then prefer to approach education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) because of their opaque recording of such incidents. In fact, bullying and violence or suicide attempts for two and a half years are no longer made public. Scheeres had established at that time that the statistics were not representative because of the completely different reporting behavior of the school management. She commissioned two expert reports to review the procedure. The second is already available since October. A new reporting system does not exist yet. In cooperation with the State Commission Against Violence, it will orient itself to Hamburg in the future. There is the police statistics as a basis.

Other experts, such as headmaster Markus Schega, emphasized in the committee that action against bullying must be decided and long-term. “In case of doubt, it will be a matter for the boss,” said Schega.