Weeks of truth: The 1.FC Union faces pioneering games

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Every game a final! Rafal Gikiewicz is looking forward to the next four kicks.


Matthias Koch

Berlin –

As you know, March has a lot to offer. A certain Gaius Julius Caesar, for example, experienced a premature and most ungainly end in the Id of the third month in the year 44 before Christ’s birth, with 23 daggers.

Even the so-called March Revolution of 1848/49, with the first parliamentary structures in German territories to catch up and the monarchy limits should be shown, was not necessarily considered to be successful.

The fact that the calendar section named after the Roman god of war Mars is an annual section characterized by hardships and plagues should therefore be well known.

Hard month for the Iron

It will not be easy for the 1. FC Union, which is based in the southeast of the capital, in the next four weeks, which already begins today with their appearance at the Kiel Fjord (18.30 clock).

It will be the month of truth for the men of Urs Fischer. For three times the Kpenickers get to deal with their immediate persecutors.

So it’s not just about staying as close as possible to the two league heavyweights Hamburg and Cologne, but also fending off the attacks of KSV Holstein, the cheeky and carefree FC Heidenheim (both away) and the goal-hungry East Westphalians from Paderborn.

Reunion with Jens Keller

Even the home game in between against Ingolstadt next Friday is not without piquancy. It was known that the former Union coach Jens Keller took over the scepter there.

Already the second duel with a former coach this season, after in the previous week the game against the coached by Uwe Neuhaus Bielefeld Arminen with a 1: 1 did not bring the desired success.

Man is ready for action again

Rafal Gikiewicz, the keeper of the Iron, is also convinced that March is the month of the preliminary rounds. “These are all endgames,” said the 31-year-old and made clear that you can not really afford a slip-up if your own season goals should not be in danger.

Which does not even mean the elimination of the two top clubs, but it would be enough to be outstripped by the formidable competition alone.

Because even if no one has trumpeted big on the Wuhle, in view of the first round, which had been unbeaten ended, a not always sovereign-looking leadership duo and the general density of the field, the Kpenicker already calculated something.

Even third place entitles yes to promotion games against this time a truly not overpowering appearing Bundesliga side. And it would be the best second league position in the history of the Iron One. At least that’s what, if not more. The course must now be set.

Urs Fischer: explosiveness is increasing

As far as his keeper coach Urs Fischer would not go in assessing the situation. “There are still twelve games to play. I would not talk about finals. But with every game less, the explosiveness naturally increases, “says the 53-year-old.

Which hardly diminishes the significance of today’s performance at the Holstein Stadium. “That will surely be an interesting task for us,” Fischer elegantly described the gravity of the task. Well aware that an increase in performance compared to Bielefeld ago.

After all, he can fall back on Carlos Man. There are also indications that Christopher Lenz – Kiel is his former club – and the return of Akaki Gogia and Felix Kroos to the starting line-up.

However, he also knows that an increase in performance is possible, and in March not only the crocuses, but also the rise dreams of the Iron could blossom. “Now we played a draw once. This is not the end of the world “, Florian Hbner demanded to keep calm.

Because easy is not a game in this league anyway. Whether against the first, last or even the Kiel storks.