Hertha BSC Berlin vs. Werder Bremen: Claudio Pizarro scores a special free-kick goal

“Schlawiner” of the Bundesliga
:Why Claudio Pizarro is an unrivaled serial culprit

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Claudio Pizarro, oldest scorer in the Bundesliga.

Claudio Pizarro, oldest scorer in the Bundesliga.



Is Claudio Pizarro a rascal or more the type of rogue? Rascal or a rogue of the penalty area? At any rate, these are the S categories that have accompanied the striker for over twenty years. Also popular: joker and popular figure. Pizarro himself favors Schlawiner. Because: “A grinder has a good eye. He sees everything. All over! On the square, next to the square, even at the Oktoberfest. “Here you have to imagine a grin, preferably a mischievous one.

Record man Claudio Pizarro: 463Games 195 goals

Pizarro was 40 years and 136 days old when he scored a free-kick goal in the Olympic Stadium on Saturday. For Werder Bremen, against Hertha BSC. For the history books, against the youth trend in football. Pizarro is now the oldest scorer in the Bundesliga. Other records the Peruvian holds: most games (463) and most goals (195) from a foreign professional. He achieved this between 1999 and 2019, at least one every year – this series is unequaled.

If the German football fans had to commit to a common darling, Pizarro would be a hot candidate. On the one hand, his goals – for Werder, Bayern or 1. FC Kln – are not rare in the art of the foot. Heber, dandies, like paragraph kicks. On the other hand, it is this contagious good humor and that unbroken optimism that make him so special. Pizarro, according to the public image, simply says yes to life. On the square and next to the square, even at the Oktoberfest – or in the Munich celebrity disco P1.

Pizarro’s career, which led him briefly to the substitute bench at Chelsea, but never to a World Cup, could have been even more successful. That’s what his coaches said. He knows that himself. It was enough for sixteen titles. Pizarro was never one who always gave everything. He avoided tough duels and was spared serious injuries. That he can age self-determined and dignified in the football business has to do with it.

Werder professional Claudio Pizarro: Acceptance, rotation, shot – all in a flowing movement

Pizarro has been a part-time worker for years. He usually comes in when the game needs a turn, a special punch line or the stadium atmosphere needs to be revived. Sometimes he succeeds in an action that unfolds its full beauty only in the slow motion.

Acceptance, rotation, shot – all in a flowing motion. But most of the time he trots over the pitch as if he’s on a lap of honor. Will Pizarro finally retire in the summer? “I have to listen to what my body says.” And again, please do not forget the grin.