Hertha debates: lack of cleverness or even stupidity?

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Not everyone had the intention to build a wall.

Not everyone had the intention to build a wall.


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Walls are built, then they stand, and when no special events such as political upheaval, natural disaster or wrecking ball intervene, walls do not move. So far the theory. In football practice it looked a bit different on Saturday. The wall, which was supposed to protect Hertha BSC from equalizer, jumped up, tore them apart and opened up the gap where Claudio Pizarro fired his free-kick to make it 1-1 in the sixth minute of what was actually only a four-minute stoppage.

“I thought,” said the forward of Werder Bremen, “it would not be bad if I shoot under the wall, because usually jumps up.” Hertha’s coach Pal Dardai contradicted: “Normally, all must stand on tiptoe and not throw in. “Then his team would have won. But the final scenes were not normal. And rarely was the perception of so many contradictions.

There was first this throw-in for Hertha (90 + 3), who should have been one for Werder, as the involved Davy Klaassen found and just grabbed the ball. Valentino Lazaro did not find the situation suitable and grabbed what Klaassen did … – well, at least a pack of emotionally emotional footballers soon came together.

Tutoring lessons for Selke

In the front pack, of course, was Vedad Ibisevic, Hertha’s proud captain, who gave Klaassen a half-deep thrust and had to be held back by the Fourth Official. Captain colleague Max Kruse commented, “Sit down. Man, you monkey! “Ibisevic was so excited in his role as a substitute and for (90. + 4) get a yellow card – the fifth, the striker will miss the match at Bayern. Also warned was Klaassen, Kruse, who also wanted to have a “bird” sighted, but not.

Dardai saw it all differently. “That’s not correct,” he said, describing the scene as follows: “Vedad is captain, he should help, he calmed down his own players.” Okay, let’s end this throw-in with the hopefully conciliatory words of the Dalai Lama: ” Noticing something does not prove its nonexistence. “

When the ball was finally back in the game, Davie Selke had an idea that turned out to be fatal and dealt the striker a double-a-side tactic on clever positional play. Because after the final whistle and again in the mixed zone Dardai talked to him and showed what he could have done differently where – why have to. Selke (“Nothing important!”) Did not want to comment on that, but Dardai repeated for the reporters: “Do not seek physical contact. Hide behind your opponent, the throw is not offside. Or fumble around so that there is free kick. “There were after Selkes lost duel for Werder and then – long ball, a lost header duel, a foul (90 + 5) – the free kick for Pizarro. The Dalai Lama would have advised, “If you lose, never lose the lesson!”

Hertha’s defensive division was solid until the very last second, especially in the first half. The center-backs could not be pushed backwards, the midfield pressed man-oriented, locked all gaps, was hard in a duel; and if it had not been the inner post (Selke) and sometimes the underlay (Ondrej Duda), the late excitement probably would not have happened. Bremen attacks? Were as snappy as a toothless tiger. Dardai had rightly recognized “no emergency situation”.

Lazaro had a bit of a bite, and a bit of foaming at the mouth, when he was supposed to explain afterwards what was wrong with the Berlin wall (90. + 5). “The wall jumps up, then it breaks apart, instead of holding the eggs or the face,” said Hertha’s right-back and told about the healing process after nasty ball lashes: “Because I know exactly, after five minutes in the cabin, the pain is over again . “So only the point loss hurt.

Lazaro was correct in his criticism of the walls, which culminated in accusations of “uncleverness, quasi stupidity”. The whole truth, however, also includes his decision to break away from the collective in the penalty area to cover a Torecke all alone. However, halfway Lazaro stand still, so just when the free kick caught him on the hoe and (90 + 6) the ball then rolled over the line. Would Pizarro’s work have been possible without Lazaro’s contribution? Can not be asserted with certainty. The only certainty is that the rescue attempt was not agreed at all. Dardai said, “I do not know what he wanted to do there.”

The coach’s plan to put even more in the second half on fast switching action, was indeed not implemented. After about an hour, Hertha was pushed back again. Lazaro had a feeling that his team would not score a second goal that day. Plan B: “Then we played cleverly over time.” Until 90. + 3, 90. + 4, 90. + 5, 90. + 6 – until Pizarro said: “Let it! Leave! “And Kruse replied,” You do not have that much power anymore. “He did.

Dardais doubts about the record goal

Pizarro is now 40 years and 136 days the oldest scorer in Bundesliga history. Who can not be happy about it? And who did not have to smile when the striker celebrated his goal with a jubilation, whose jump curve was almost parallel to the ground? Although, there was one who doubted the legitimacy of Pizarro’s oldie-but-goaldie record.

Pal Dardai first delivered a eulogy to the footballer and people Claudio Pizarro. But with each further word, a big but seemed closer. “But I want to be a bit angry,” he said, “that was not his goal, that was a double deflected ball. A really badly closed free kick, if he chases the ball in and tears the net, then yes, but so? “If Dardai had taken an own goal, here’s an excerpt from the rules:” The player’s posture and language must make it clear that he is aiming for the shot on goal. “Just the looks in the wall prove that.