Clan real estate in Berlin confiscated – rents are being paid – a comment

Comment on clan rentals
:Securing the real estate is a bold beginning

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  • Andreas Kopietz

    Andreas Kopietz

Policeman in front of house in Neuklln

Masked police officers stand in front of a house in Neuklln, where a man was arrested after the spectacular theft of a 100-kilo gold coin from the Bode Museum. He should belong to the R. family.



Berlin –

The deployment in 2018 was spectacularly staged: The Berlin prosecutor seized 77 properties of a Lebanese-Kurdish clan. The opportunity to do so was given by the new Asset Depletion Act, which allows the confiscation of property if it was allegedly acquired through crime.

Berlin prosecutors also wanted to freeze homeowner accounts

An accused person must prove the legal origin of his funds – if he lives about Hartz IV, but buys a tenement house for one million euros. Now Spiegel TV reported that rents continue to flow to the clan. It looks like a piece of the madhouse. The rule of law is absurd. The investigators are frustrated. Actually, the prosecutors responsible for clans also wanted to freeze the accounts of the homeowners.

The agency’s financial investigators, on the other hand, remain cautious. Because they move on new territory, where you can slip easily. In addition, quite a few lawyers see in the law an inadmissible reversal of the burden of proof.

Publicity seizure of the clan real estate in Berlin

And yes: the publicity seizing the clan real estate should also be a sign: Look, we do (finally) something! Strategy of pinpricks, as politicians in Berlin and NRW like to emphasize. After all, politics had ignored the problem for decades.

So when it comes to finally destroying the business models of criminal clans, seizures are imperative. Even if it is in Berlin at first only to secure the real estate for the state and not for the rental income. They would also fall to the state if the seizure became final. A little more caution to make it legally waterproof, is perhaps better than too little. It is a bold beginning.