Police report from Berlin from 17.02.2019

police report
:Car crashes head-on against tree – driver dies at accident site


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Frontal bumped against tree – motorist dies at the scene of the accident

In Lichterfelde, a motorist was fatally injured. Police said the 76-year-old drove his car head-on against a tree. Why the car came off the road is still unclear. The accident took place on Osdorfer Strae. This had to be completely closed for the recovery measures for about four hours. (BC)

Mllrose / Finsterwalde

Missing 83-year-old since January is dead

An 83-year-old man from Mllrose (Oder-Spree), who has been missing since 8 January, is dead. As the police from Frstenwalde reported on Sunday, he had been rescued by the fire department from the Kathariensee on Saturday afternoon. Previously, a caller had reported that probably lives on the water, a lifeless man. The man was identified as the missing person. The circumstances and cause of death still have to be clarified. (AP)

Bad Belzig (Potsdam-Mittelmark)

Police help flock of sheep across the street

At Bundesstrae 102, officials helped a shepherd get safely over the lane with his more than 1,000 animals. As the police in Brandenburg announced on Sunday, the man on Saturday afternoon at the district in Bad Belzig (Potsdam-Mittelmark) has called and informed that he with his flock between the branches to Klausdorf and Malterhausen (both Teltow-Flming) short term on the Road must. The officers hurried to the spot in a patrol car and locked the road for about 50 minutes. A sheep ran away, but was later caught again. (AP)


Men racistize women and attack their friend

A gang of men insulted a woman racially and attacked her friend a little later. The 24-year-old was on Sunday morning with her friend, 31 years old, on the Warsaw Bridge on the road, as the police said. There, the woman from a group of four men was mobbed out because of their skin color. The friend then stopped a patrol car, which came in the moment, said a spokeswoman.

Because the group went away, the 31-year-old ran after the men but suddenly behind. The security forces found him shortly thereafter at the Revaler Street, where he was pushed by the group to the ground. The police had to use “simple physical force” to let the attackers off their victim. The man was slightly injured in the head. The four attackers aged 27 to 38 years were therefore drunk. The state protection determined. (AP)


Police investigate homophobic insult in supermarket

After an insult last night now determined the police state protection. According to statements by the 55-year-old injured party, he stood at 6 pm in the cash register area of a food market in Friedrichstrasse. Here he had touched a young man standing in front of him by the shoulder and pointed to a corresponding discretion distance to a standing in front of this customer. Then the teenager insulted him homophobic and fled in an unknown direction. (BC)

Klingmuehl (Elbe-Elster)

Unknown offenders tear cigarettes from concrete version

Unknown people stole the cigarette vending machine – and obviously lost it again on the run. As reported by police in Cottbus on Sunday, a woman was watching the theft in the morning. Accordingly, the perpetrators tore the vending machine including holding post with the help of a vehicle from the anchorage in the concrete and loaded him. He was later found again on the roadside – money and cigarettes were still in the machine. (AP)


32-year-old motorcyclist fatally injured

In an overtaking maneuver, a 32-year-old motorcyclist from Berlin was fatally injured in Oranienburg. As the police in Neuruppin announced on Sunday, the motorcyclist was at noon in the direction of Germendorf and had lost control of the machine when he wanted to swing back to the right side of the road. He had clashed against the guardrail. He succumbed to his serious injuries at the accident site. Other vehicles were not involved in the accident. The nice weather obviously lured the riders back on the road, a spokeswoman said and called for attention. (AP)


Unknown attack AfD party office

Unknown have attacked in Finsterwalde the party office of the AfD with New Year’s Eve. As reported by the police in Cottbus on Sunday, an already damaged outer pane and an inner pane were broken during the incident on Saturday night. (AP)


Biker seriously injured

A cyclist crashed into a car while turning. The 58-year-old drove around 11:30 pm with his bike the royal road into the city and turned left into the Kronprinzessinnenweg. The police said he probably missed an oncoming car. The cyclist was injured by the collision on the shoulder. The driver was unhurt. (BC)


Car overturned and smeared house entrances

Last night there were several property damages in Friedrichshain. Around one o’clock, a resident alerted the police because a group of about ten people rioted on Riga Street. The members of the group overturned a car. Subsequently, the persons fled via Liebigstrae in the direction of Bnschstrae. In the course of ad filing, various paint shops were noticed in surrounding house entrances. The state security has taken over the investigation. (BC)

securing of evidence:That happened in Berlin – the photos!

Reinickendorf accident

Reinickendorf, 16 February 2019:A car was hurled in the Klemkestrae against three parked vehicles. The cause of the accident was apparently very drunk. All cars were badly damaged by the collision.

Ship cleared

Rummelsburg Bay, 16 February 2019:A large number of police clears the former youth recreational ship “Buergerer”.

Treskowalle serious accident

Treptow-Koepenick, 15 February 2019:The Treskowallee is closed due to an accident. A truck has missed a car. The vehicle was thrown around.

Messerstecherei in Neuklln

Berlin-Neuklln, 14th February 2019:In an argument over a snack in Sonnenallee, two men were attacked and injured by a stranger with a knife.

Bus smokes in Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg, February 13, 2019:Qualm went up on a bus of the Berlin public transport company early Wednesday morning.

Police operation in Rumelsburger bay

Rummelsburg Bay, 13th February 2019:At the Alice and Hella Hirsch ring near the Rummelsburger bay it came in the night to a dispute between several persons. It should have pulled a gun man. The SEK stormed a pleasure boat, where they suspected the gunmen. But nobody was on the boat.

Rosenthal accident with two trucks

Rosenthal, February 11, 2019:At the intersection of Schnhauser Strae and Kastanienallee, two trucks crashed together in a car. The cause of the accident is still unclear. One person was injured.

Accident Darer road

Berlin-Hohenschnhausen, February 10, 2019: On the Ribnitzer road corner Darer road there was an accident between two cars. Three people were injured.

Autobrand Landsberger Allee

Berlin-Lichtenberg, 9th February 2019:At the crossroads Landberger Allee / Weienseer Weg, a car has gone up in flames from previously unexplained causes.

opel has rescheduled on seestrae in wedding

Berlin-Wedding, February 9, 2019:On the Seestrae in the amount of the Virchow hospital in the night – on a dead-straight road – an Opel has strayed to the right of the road and has rammed a street tree. The car overturned and came to rest on the roof. The two inmates were injured in the accident.

Truck overturned in Wartenberg

Berlin-Wartenberg, February 7, 2019:A truck got off the carriageway on Thursday evening and consequently turned over. The accident took place at the corner of Wartenberger Weg an der Margaretenhhe. The fire brigade used a rescue and crane truck to salvage the vehicle.

Truck sinks into street in Wedding

Berlin-Wedding, February 7, 2018:At the Seestrae corner of the north shore, a heavyweight semitrailer has damaged a hydrant when turning on the sidewalk and is then sunk in the mud and rock. The fire department pulled the truck out of the hole with a trailer.

The fire department at Kottbusser Damm in Neuklln

Berlin-Neuklln, February 7, 2019:There was a death in a fire in an apartment on the Kottbusser Damm.

Car on guardrail on A113 feeder

Baumschulenweg, 6th February 2018:A car driver has strayed off the carriageway on the A113 feeder. The vehicle was still wedged on the Johannisthaler Chaussee on the reinforced guardrail. The driver was unhurt.

Accident wagon at Eichborndamm in Berlin on 6.2.2019

Berlin-Wittenau, 6th February 2019:In a car accident, three men have been injured, one of them seriously. Their car had skidded and collided at the intersection Eichborndamm / Am Nordgraben against a traffic light mast, as a fire spokesman said. The car was so badly damaged that the fire department had to free a person with a hydraulic press. The injured were taken to the hospital.

Firefighters extinguish minibus

Bernau, 6 February 2019:On the A11 towards Szczecin, a minibus has burned out between Bernau and Wandlitz. Cause of the fire was probably a technical defect. The four occupants of the vehicle were able to get to safety in time.

Construction trucks burn in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg, February 5, 2019:On a site with several inhabited construction vehicles in Ratiborstrasse, a fire broke out on early Tuesday morning. Nobody got hurt.

Vehicles are burning in Schneberg

Schneberg, February 5:Three cars burned out on Crellestrasse early Tuesday morning, including a van. The cause was initially unknown, and the police suspected arson.

Accident in Neuklln: A pedestrian was hit by a car

Neuklln, 4 February 2018:One person was seriously injured in an accident on the Hermannstrae in Allerstrae. The pedestrian should have carelessly crossed the road. He was hit by a car. Hermannstrae was closed off Werbellinstrae in the direction of Britz. The investigation continues.

Two firefighters are standing next to a destroyed car near Bad Saarow.

Bad Saarow, 3 February 2019:Two firefighters are standing next to a destroyed car. A car driver and her three children were seriously injured in the traffic accident near Bad Saarow (Oder-Spree district).


Berlin, 2 February 2019: A male body was recovered from the Great Mggelsee. The man was discovered floating in the water. The fire department has recovered the body, the Criminal Investigation determined.

Brusendorf Mercedes drives against tree

Klein Kienitz / Brusendorf, 2 February 2019:On the L40 has left unexplained cause of the road. The driver was released from the fire department. About the nature and severity of injuries is currently not known. The road was closed for about 90 minutes.

Elsenbrcke explosion

Treptow, 2 February 2019:It burned under the Elsenbrcke bridge. The cause of the fire is unknown. As reported by a local reporter, a gas bottle could have exploded.

Fire department extinguishes burning cars in Neuklln

Neuklln, January 31, 2019:Early Thursday morning, around 1.45 am, a car burned down in Braunschweiger Strae in Neuklln. The vehicle could be extinguished quickly, but was completely burnt out. A specialist commissariat of Directorate 5 determines whether it is an arson or a technical defect.

Zossen fire

Zossen, January 30, 2019:Fire broke out in a warehouse in Zossen (Teltow-Flming) on the night of Wednesday. Hundreds of firefighters were there to extinguish the conflagration.

police raid

Kreuzberg, January 29, 2019:On Tuesday morning, the police searched several apartments in Berlin. The background was the robbery on a cash transporter in October 2018.


Landsberger Allee, January 24, 2019:At the stop “S-Bahn station Landsberger Allee” a person was hit by a tram. The person came to the hospital injured.


Berlin-Neuklln, January 22, 2019:A company car burned out on Lahnstrae. The driver previously noticed that smoke was leaking from the ventilation and engine compartment and stopped the car. He said that the car was at the oil change the day before. A connection is suspected. The Lahnstrae is currently blocked in both directions.


Highway 10 altitude Nuthetal, January 22, 2019: Heavy truck accident on the A 10 at Nuthetal. A truck drove into a truck of the Autobahnmeisterei. The truck has overturned. The driver had to be cut out of the cabin. The A10 motorway is completely closed between Ludwigsfelde-West and the AD Nuthetal. (BC)


County Barnim, January 22, 2019: There was a serious accident on Tuesday due to slipperiness in Birkholz near Bernau. A car coming from Schwanebeck came in a curve to slip, came off the road and came to a ditch to stand. The driver came to the hospital injured.

Neuklln vehicles are burning

In a fire in the courtyard of a Berlin public order office, nine vehicles burned out.


Berlin-Neuklln, 18.1.19:On Friday evening led employees of the district office Neuklln with the support of the Berlin police trade law checks in shops of Neukllner Erkstrae. The officials also took a betting office under the microscope. Some game tomatoes were confiscated.

Truck accident Klein Marzehns

Little Marteen, 18.1.19:On the A9 a truck is overturned. The driver was slightly injured. There were traffic obstructions.


Berlin-Charlottenburg, 18.1.19:A woman died in a house fire on Gervinusstrasse. During firefighting, the fire department discovered the unconscious woman, who was still being resuscitated, but later died.

Brand camping bus

Berlin-Wedding, 18.01.2019:In the African street a camping bus burned out completely. The police are investigating arson.

Accident Werneuchen Diday

Werneuchen, 18.01.19:A woman drove her car against a tree and was seriously injured.

Gropiusstadt fire

Neuklln, January 15, 2019:At a basement fire in a twelve-story apartment house, at least two people were injured. Several cellar crates burned.

Berlin-Lichtenberg, January 12, 2019: Wilhelm-Guddorf-Strasse is burning in an apartment on the 9th floor of a skyscraper, the fire brigade said. A resident and a rescuer were injured and taken to a hospital.

Berlin-Lichtenberg, January 12, 2019: In Wilhelm-Guddorf-Strasse it burns in an apartment on the 9th floor of a skyscraper, said the fire department. A resident and a rescuer were injured and taken to a hospital.

Brand restaurant

Friedrichshain, January 12, 2019:Witnesses have seen dense smoke rising from a restaurant on Strausberger Platz. They alerted the fire department. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Friedrichshain cars are burning

Friedrichshain, January 12, 2019:Several cars have gone up in flames in Mhsamstrae. The police are investigating arson.

Diday chemistry accident school Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg, January 10, 2019:During chemistry lessons at the Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium, a chemical fluid leaked during refilling. According to initial information from the fire department, there were no casualties.

Underground parking is burning

Kreuzberg, January 10, 2019:In an underground car park have burned several cars on Thursday morning. A human suffered a Rauchgasvergiftung.Die fire department was with more than 70 forces on the ground.