BVG strike: pros and cons: is the BVG allowed to paralyze Berlin?

Pros and cons
:Can the BVG paralyze Berlin with a strike?

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  • Arno Schupp

  • Kerstin Hense


Deserted station. Strikes the BVG, nothing works. Passengers have to switch to other means of transport.


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Passengers of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) must decide on Friday for other means of transport. The Verdi union has called its members to the country company for a warning strike on 15 February. The work stoppage should last from the start of operation in the early morning until about 12 o’clock and affect all areas – both subways and trams as well as buses. Two very different opinions on this topic.

Pros: A strike has to hurt

by Arno Schupp

The employees of the BVG strike. They know how to help each other in their labor disputes, rather than hostage the whole city in order to assert their demands for equal pay and a reduction in working hours. And that’s fine.

A strike is the last resort in the dispute with the employer, and as such it must hurt. The calculus behind it: If the employer side does not already listen to the votes of the BVG employees, maybe she listens to the votes of the entire city. Voices that say: Now finally agree. We need our BVG.

The strike on Friday morning will paralyze the city. He will hit many people hard and face problems. How do I get to work? How to school, university or doctor? And of course you can also be angry. But not on the strikers. They exercise their legitimate right. And you can actually only support them.

Contra: The BVG strikes for me every day

by Kerstin Hense

The BVG is on strike next Friday. This message sounds cynical in my ears. For me and for thousands of other passengers, she is currently on strike every day. For months I have to squeeze into overcrowded subway cars after my stressful working day and fight for any vacant gap. If I am unlucky, I can not even come along and have to wait for the next or even next track.

I get tense in the crowd, it smells unpleasant and it is hot. I do not want so much involuntary physical contact with strangers. This condition makes me very angry every day anew, because every month I pay just under 64 euros for my ticket to the BVG. For my performance I expect a smooth transport. Now buses and trains will stop on Friday and I will dodge my bike. Maybe I should always do that in the future. I save 64 euros, have less stress and do something for my figure.