Attempted Raid: Family man kills suspected robber with kitchen knife

Attempted raid
:Family man kills suspected robber with kitchen knife


On this sidewalk in Krickenbach an injured man, whose lives the rescuers could not save, was found, as residents report.



Landstuhl / Krickenbach –

In an attempted robbery on a family in Rhineland-Palatinate, the father has killed one of the alleged perpetrators. He had stabbed several times with a kitchen knife on the 43-year-olds, as this Sunday night with three other perpetrators wanted to invade the house in Landstuhl, said the prosecutor in Zweibrcken on Tuesday.

After a brief escape with his accomplices in a vehicle, the injured man in the town of Krickenbach died on a sidewalk of his injuries. His accomplices had dropped him there when they realized how severely the 43-year-old had been injured. According to prosecutors, they wanted to get medical help: One of the accomplices, the brother of the killed, asked a witness to drop an emergency call. The other two perpetrators had escaped unrecognized.

Father is a civilian of the US Army

The 51-year-old brother of the dead was arrested. Already on Monday warrant was issued against him for joint attempted robbery. According to the investigation, the quartet had rung at the front door of the American family on Sunday night and tried to push the 41-year-old father back into the house to gain access.

The father and his wife suffered minor injuries in the attack, the three children in the house were unhurt. A lawsuit was filed against the father – a civilian member of the US Army – for assault with fatalities. It was checked whether he had acted in self-defense. The investigation of the special commission for the identification of the two other perpetrators continued. (AP)