Fire boats in action: freighters loaded with coal burned on the Rhine

Freighter flames Rhine Duisburg

The freighter loaded more than 1000 tons of coal.



Duisburg –

With two fire boats, firefighters on the Rhine have cleared a fire on a coal-loaded freighter. Civil Police officers rescued the skipper and another man from the Dutch cargo ship near Duisburg. The extinguishing work lasted about three hours.

During the trip, the crew had noticed the fire in the ship’s interior in the engine room on Tuesday morning and dropped the anchor. After they had first tried unsuccessfully to extinguish the fire, they alerted the fire department, said a fire-brigade spokesman.

Barge in flames

On the Rhine near Duisburg a barge is on fire.



Freighter loaded 1000 tons of coal

The freighter has loaded according to the fire department 1000 tons of coal. The charge itself burned according to the information but not. From the freight ship at times thick dark clouds of smoke rose.

From the shore, the fire brigade does not come with vehicles directly to the ship. “This is not a normal house fire, we can not go there by car,” said the spokesman for the fire department. (Dpa / red)