FC Barcelona lends 140 million euros – what is the financial shortage?

Financial hardships?
:FC Barcelona lends itself 140 million euros


Barcelona’s superstar Lionel Messi



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The Spanish football champion FC Barcelona has obviously bigger financial problems than previously known. According to the prestigious daily El Pais, the Catalan club has borrowed a total of 140 million euros from two US mutual fund companies. The sum must be repaid in five years at an interest rate of 1.8 percent. Barca is said to have bought 90 million euros from the Pricoa Capital Group, which belongs to the Prudential Group. The company Barings also made available 50 million euros.

Barcelona had cashed in 2017 the world record fee of 222 million euros for the Brazilian superstar Neymar, who had moved to Paris St. Germain. However, the Catalans also spent well over 200 million for Philippe Coutinho (from Liverpool FC / 120 million transfer plus up to 40 million bonuses) and the ex-Dortmunder Ousmane Dembele (105 million euros transfer plus up to 45 million bonuses).

Lionel Messi earns 100 million euros a year

The top earner at Barca is Argentina’s superstar Lionel Messi, who, according to information from the “Football Leaks” disclosure platform, is to pay 100 million euros per season per season. It alone 71 million euros as a basic salary. (Sid)