Matthias Schweighfer and Ruby O. Fee show up at Berlinale

Schweighfer and Ruby Berlinale

Matthias Schweighfer and girlfriend Ruby O. Fee at the Berlinale



Berlin –

Matthias Schweighfer (37) and the actress Ruby O. Fee (23) showed up together on Monday night at a Berlinale party. They posed for photographers. Schweighfer gave the actress a kiss on the cheek.

In recent days, they had rumored relationship rumors with a couple photo themselves. Both published a picture on Instagram on Thursday, which shows them together in the backseat of a car: Fee lies in his arms. Both posted a red heart emoji.

“Now everyone knows it”

The “Bild” newspaper quoted Schweighfer with the words: “Now everyone knows, now it’s back to normal Instagram life”. Fairy is “just a sweetheart”. But they are not yet contracted.

At the end of January, the actor, singer and producer made public the separation from his longtime partner Ani Schromm. They have been separated for over a year, there is a new love in his life. Fee was born in Costa Rica and has appeared in movies like “Bibi and Tina” and “When We Dreamed”. Most recently, she starred for the Netflix thriller “Polar” starring Mads Mikkelsen. (AP)