Harley Davidson goes for the e-bike and introduces Livewire

US cult brand
:Harley Davidson swears off the heavy machinery

Cologne –

Harley Davidson, known for its loud and heavy culture motorcycles, breaks new ground. The company has announced the market launch of its first e-bike for 2019. The livewire of the American brand is expected to roll from late summer to the dealers, according to spokesman.

Harley Davidson

The e-bike Livewire by Harley Davidson


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The electric gliders should be able to reach it for up to 177 kilometers – however, gliding is relative. For from 0 to almost 97 km / h to make the Harley in less than 3.5 seconds. Due to the electric drive neither clutch nor gearbox are required. The price mentioned in the press is $ 30,000.

Innovative e-scooter from Harley

In addition to the e-bike Harley has developed an e-scooter. The vehicle has a seat and is described by experts as more exciting than his “big brother”, He deviates significantly from the classic form and is more reminiscent of a moped. The running boards look like skateboards.

Overall, the vehicle is designed minimalist, the branding is rather spartan. It is expected that the scooter is significantly cheaper than the e-bike. But no details are known yet. (dpa, red)