Unintentional Amazon Packages: This is what recipients must pay attention to

Amazon package

Again and again products are sent in Amazon boxes unsolicited.



Berlin –

Anyone who receives unsolicited parcels from dealers need not keep the goods in them. This is pointed out by the Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen. There is not even the obligation to contact the sender if a proof of origin is found on or in the package.

Even an invoice, if enclosed, does not have to be paid. According to the consumer advocates, the recipient has the right to use, give away or dispose of the goods themselves in such packages.

Packages from Amazon Marketplace dealers

Currently, many inquiries from recipients of products in boxes of the online retailer Amazon have been received by the Consumer Center. They had not ordered anything, had not been gifted or fell victim to identity theft. Even package-runners could be excluded in the known cases, in which a colorful hodgepodge of waiting from the mousetrap to the smartphone stuck in the packages.

It is clear to the consumer advocates only that the shipments are not from Amazon itself, but from various dealers who use the marketplace of the commercial giant as a sales platform. What exactly is behind it, is unclear. (AP)