“Hard but fair” with Frank Plasberg on the ground rent: ARD presenter calls merit of cleaning lady Susanne Holtkotte “pathetic”

It is a pity, one thinks at some point as a spectator, that there is Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labor, sitting in a talk show, and actually has a good idea, but now, because it seems so in Germany in 2019, at least, if Paying membership fees in the SPD must justify before the whole republic. As if he had just demanded the abolition of federalism or the national team or the supermarket cashier Trenner. Yet this man has only presented a relatively innovative concept, which could lead to the low-income earners being a little bit better in a few years’ time.

And then one wishes, Hubertus Heil, class fighter, would first quickly invent a comparative for “pity”. Because he would fit to describe his appearance on “Hart but Fair” on Monday evening aptly.

Is he in the discourse so inconceivably robinhoodesk and pseudo-selfless that one is afraid, next big project Heil wants to reopen the mining in the Ruhr – but of course not to procure more voters for his party, but out of compassion for the lost going Ruhrgebiet culture and at all. He then calls the project “Empathy Maloche” and prints posters with slogans such as “Justice Now!”, “Make Germany Better Again” or “Shaping Tomorrow Today.” And then everything remains, unfortunately, as always.

But one after anonther.

What was it about?

Hubertus Heil had presented his plan for the renewal of the pension system in the course of the large SPD left-turn self-preservation campaign called “future in work” (evaluation of this “slogan” above) last week. Basic pension is the model, Heil himself calls it rather “respect pension”, because it makes that already uncritical – anyone who opposes it, has no respect for the age and so on and unfortunately so on.

In terms of content, the pension entitlements of three to four million low earners will be supplemented by a maximum of € 447 a month to spare long-term contributors in old age social assistance. A means test should be no more, both new and old pensioners should fall into this basic pension – condition, however, are previously 35 years contributions paid in the statutory pension insurance. Heil wants to finance his model of taxpayers’ money,

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz does not seem to know yet how to do that, but nevertheless found the proposal of his comrade good. Would cost according to own estimate then so a “middle single-digit billion amount” per year.

Hubertus Heil as a figurehead of the poor

Frank Plasberg wanted to discuss this and put his illustrious stakeholder discussion (spoiler, there was no pensioner present) under the motto: “Respect for pensioners or election gift: What brings the new land rent?”. Were allowed to discuss, surprise:Hubertus Heil, Verena Bentele(President of the Social Association VdK),Johannes Vogel(FDP faction spokesman for labor market and pension),Christoph Schwennicke(Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Cicero”) andSusanne Holtkotte, Cleaning force in a hospital and thus at least one person affected in the future.

Right at the beginning the great pathos: Plasberg callsHubertus Heil “the figurehead of the motto, where SPD says it should be SPD again” “. Unfortunately, the ex-Secretary-General takes this a little too much to heart and promptly begins to speak like a flesh-grown SPD prospectus. “It’s about cleaners, hairdressers, bus drivers, warehouse workers,” he says, and they’re waiting for someone to chase the International from a ghettoblaster. But does not happen, instead continue in the Schrder memory vocabulary: “The basic pension should express respect for life achievement” and “There are people who have gone into politics to make people’s lives better. That’s my motivation too. “Auweia.

Heil Hart but Fair Grundrente

Hubertus Heil


Screenshot ARD

From then on, Heil does not take off the role of the Samaritan, which, as we repeat, is really a pity. Because you quickly forget that his concept is really good, that of course he is right when he emphasizes: Many older people are ashamed to go to office and seek help, it is not fair that self-employed and often very rich people do not Contribute to the pension fund, from which later also their employees are to be secured.

Heil responds cheekily to criticism

Salvation, however, is too focused on constantly denying any campaigning intentions. The yes – by the way – would not be bad at all. Because politics is also a permanent fight for voters. If you have a good idea that you also plan to implement, then that’s fine, too, that you want to attract new or averted voters. This is how a party logic works.

However, the Minister of Labor also responds to criticism of his plans either blatant or so meaningful (“I’m determined to improve living conditions”) that even Plasberg after three questions about a “Poverty Hedging Mechanism” for people who paid less than 35 years have given up, because he sees no concrete answer in sight. Salvation simply uses the word “respect” so often that it does not surprise anymoreJohannes Vogelhe uses it, but heals salvation consistently.

Vogel has to withstand criticism of Lindner

Even otherwise, the young FDPler Heils proposal – Grundtenor – rather not so good. Vogel spontaneously formulates a counter-concept of his party that means “basic pension”. How exactly that works, he does not explain, but it is – clearly – better. Susanne Holtkotte, for example, would have 120 euros more, according to the FDP concept, says Vogel, than the 1002 euros in Heils plan. And so social problems spontaneously become a “who is the greater salvation” contest.

Much of what Bird otherwise tells, you can also listen to Christian Lindner Facebook videos, bird, however, the bird must endure long jokes about Lindner’s crude criticism of the SPD concept. The federal chairman of the FDP had noted, even someone who has won five million in the lottery, would receive a basic rent. If you balance both against each other, that’s only fair.

Verena Bentele is the better salvation

Verena Bentele is very radical, but also eloquent, that’s nice, she would be the better salvation, but unfortunately he is already sitting next to her. Bentele thus represents in the broadcast the social association VdK, in which also the social pensioners fall, in total the association has nearly two million members.

Enough stuff for Bentele to bring regular shocking examples from the field, from retirees who get their food on the blackboard and need to undergo a means test. They ask, for example, how high the pensioner’s balance is or how valuable the jewelry is. “The question has to be a lot more: How to redistribute wealth? How can you stop tax evasion? “Says Bentele.

Which, of course, is a phrase that one can always say as a leftist in Germany. But also a sentence that is true. Indeed, the lost 30 billion euros, of which experts in this context speak again and again, would be a good start-up investment in Heiler’s superpower. Bentele also briefly explains that while only three percent of pensioners are considered poor, but 15 percent are at risk, many do not dare to seek help from the office. Then she does a Lindner gag.

Plasberg is outraged by Holtkotte’s merit

“If a worker in 30 years Maloche have put aside 30,000 euros, then they must be there. That’s his right, “says Susanne Holtkotte about the means test and gives the low earners a rather rough, but charming voice. She herself currently has 1150 euros a month available – as a full-time cleaning staff in the hospital. Plasberg finds that “pathetic”, and he’s right about that.

If the pension concept stays as it is now, then Holtkotte will receive a full pension of 715 euros per month in 18 years. “Nobody can handle it,” she says. And: more reasonable wages, then people pay well into the pension fund. That’s not a wrong approach.

Schwennicke sees “naked misery of the SPD”

Oh, and then also Christoph Schwennicke. The so a bit on the right corner, so that of the table, to itself leitartikelt. He does not believe in Heil’s concept of recognizing the “bare need of the pensioners, but of the SPD” and one does not envy him for either of these views. “Interesting,” says Schwennicke, “that just break both people’s parties with their chancellors. The SPD with Schrder and the CDU with Angela Merkel because of their refugee policy. “Wow. Anyone who can link two such different topics so quickly, so badly, also applies indirectly for the moderation of the next chancellor duel.

Anyway, Schwennicke has at least a clue, everyone once loudly explains that the German pensions work for a pay-as-you-go system and no insurance with capital coverage. In addition, he does not find means testing so bad, because, then in the end, after all, no one accidentally gets more money than he deserves. A deep German fear maybe and something that you can say.

Then Schwennicke wants to start again with such boring things as the household. Hubertus Heil, well prepared for digitization, as he emphasizes, meanwhile invites his next work movement speech into short-term memory. And Frank Plasberg is happy. Never gets old, the topic pension.