Witness irritated: Heavy armed people in parking garage trigger SEK deployment

Witness irritated
:Heavy armed people in parking garage trigger SEK deployment

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Frankfurt –

A witness made an alarming observation on Friday in Frankfurt: He saw how about 20 heavily armed men walked through the underground car park of a supermarket in Frankfurt. He alerted the police, who immediately went out with a large contingent.

Since it was said that the men were armed with submachine guns, the police even added specially trained special units from the city. However, when they arrived at the scene, the events quickly turned out to be harmless.

Shoot to music video

Because in the control of the group it became clear that it was not a robbery commando, but filming, said the police. The men then had to finish filming their rap video. Whether the incident will have consequences is currently under consideration. Apparently the filming had not been announced in time.

Should they have to pay for the extensive work of the police and special forces, it would be expensive for the music artists. After all: The submachine guns were apparently not sharp firearms. (Red)