Column: AfD benefits from empty promises of the SPD

:How the SPD operates the affairs of the AfD

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    Gotz Aly

The SPD slogans are: citizen's money, resources, away with Hartz IV.

The SPD slogans are: citizen’s money, benefits, away with Hartz IV, shorter working hours, free kindergarten, free school meals, rents down, government subsidies.


dpa / Bernd Jutrczenka

Berlin –

As I have already stated several times, in the 50 years I am eligible to vote, I have not elected a party more often than the SPD. Their huge historical merits remain undisputed. But for the present, in my view, this party has little good and mostly bad to offer. While the end of a long economic upturn is at home, the co-governing SPD, unfortunately slowed down by the CDU / CSU, spends billions of euros: it overburdens future generations with debts, turns the active workers into tribute slaves to pensioners and retirees Urban and educational policy she stands – at least in Berlin – in front of a pile of shards.

With a sort of stabbing legend, the current SPD leaders are trying to distract from their own failure to overstate their inability and unimaginativeness. Every day they declare meritorious ethics of responsibility such as Helmut Schmidt, Gerhard Schrder or Franz Mntefering to traitors in their own ranks. They make these rightly respected Social Democrats into internal hatred figures, slandering them in a sense as Hartz IV and pension reduction criminals.

But why should these perplexed social democrats, who are busy with themselves and all kinds of pill-pillars, run the business of the AfD? Here’s my answer: Because today’s SPD offers people social benefits that they can never fulfill, it exacerbates tensions between social claims and economic-political realities. In this way, it generates mass disappointment and operates – without wishing to admit it – the business of right-wing and left-wing national populists.

In a situation where Germans are doing better than ever before, the SPD is doing so as if general poverty is on the increase. Every day she denounces our basically functioning social system as a single “justice gap” and trumpets: We want more, more, more, of everything. The SPD slogans are: citizen’s money, resources, away with Hartz IV, shorter working hours, free kindergarten, free school meals, rents down, government subsidies high – everything to pay from the general tax pot.

Thus, the party achieves only one thing: it fuels the fear of loss, it makes in the end “the state” as a general culprit for privately caused problems and wrong decisions, it raises excessive expectations. The spokesmen of the SPD rant about the expropriation of real estate companies, in which they are also involved in their life insurance. They promise young families more money and pensioners at the same time. To mask this apparent contradiction, Labor Minister Hubertus Heil knocks ridiculous sayings from the “double stop line”.

The SPD combines illusory promises with the invention of “genocidal” people, “Hartz IV system”, “real estate sharks” and state employment agencies, which denounce them as torture bureaucracies of “pressure, distrust and control”. In its self-inflicted despair today’s SPD promotes the political Italianization of Germany and its own downfall. That’s why I think they are currently not selectable.