Berlinale column: The risk of encountering bad films at the film festival

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One of the French films at this year's Berlinale: L'Adieu  la nuit.

One of the French films at this year’s Berlinale: L’Adieu la nuit.


Curiosa, Adieu la nuit

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The beauty of the Berlinale is always the uncertainty. Most of the time, we know so much less about the movies in advance than when we usually go to the movies. We have not seen a trailer yet, we have not heard any ladies raving about it, maybe we have not even read reviews. As is the case with such surprise bags, the surprise is sometimes better, sometimes worse. Among us: Yes, there are really bad films at the Berlinale. Exhausting, artificial, boring and simply stupid films.

First Berlinale in French

I had my first Berlinale experience at the age of 16 and it was my last for a long time. Somehow I got a ticket for a French movie in the Urania. In that big room I was sitting right in the middle, so I could not go out early without unpleasant many people having to get up for me.

Unfortunately, the French movie was just as French films are: in French. But that was not enough, there were also these French camera settings that show 20 minutes without cut or movement a sad face that stares motionless out of the window. Then a scene with naked young girls and then again 20 minutes something profound to artistically enhance the scene with the nude young girls.

The films are worth the risk

Nevertheless, I advise everyone to take the risk of a bad movie enjoyment. If we do not reach for the bag, we can not pull anything good. Our normal viewing habits narrow our horizons and the Berlinale is made to expand it again. Buy some leftover movie tickets and get involved. The chances of encountering something really interesting are extremely good. Another tip: For French films, I’m sitting only at the very back of the edge.