Franziska Giffey: Series of plagiarism cases among politicians is impressively long – a comment

:Series of plagiarism cases among politicians is now impressively long

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The entry of the word plagiarism in a dictionary

The entry of the word “plagiarism” in a dictionary (icon image).


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If, for once, an anecdote is permitted at this point: My supervisor always said that his students would “earn their doctorate” in the doctoral procedure.

Franziska Giffey’s case is not clear yet

It sounded a little bit over the top, but it should mean that people are changing their minds in a thorough and lengthy, sometimes erratic, repulsive and nerve-wracking, always studierstubeneinsamen occupation with a topic – especially by constantly undergoing a more or less painful examination. The speech was thus of the graduation as an existential sample.

What a wonderful academic heroism! He is conceivably far removed from everything that we now again in connection with the plagiarism allegations against Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey reached: Regardless of the question still to be clarified whether and what the politician could have plagiarized in her doctoral thesis, one may wonder about it What politicians promise of such academic dignity.

The list of plagiarism of politicians is long

Is it promotion as a career booster as in other professions too? Or does it serve as a quasi-Austrian nobility title replacement? Should she testify to the willingness and ability to engage in intellectual engagement with complex issues?

The series of plagiarism cases in German politicians is meanwhile impressively long. These scammers hurt science. In other words, maybe young people, who are welcome in politics, should not quickly get a doctorate. Or slow down to hear again the idea of an existential rehearsal. Pretty old fashioned.