Process kick-off for the murder of Melanie R. in Berlin: Judge: Two versions of the crime possible

Process kick-off for murder of Melanie R.
:Judge considers two versions of the deed possible

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    Katrin Bischoff

Memory of Melanie R.

In memory of Melanie R. acquaintances have set up a cross.


Eric Richard

Tiergarten –

How did Melanie R. die, and most importantly, why was she killed? These questions are to be answered in a process that began on Monday in front of the Berlin district court.

Prosecutor speaks of rape

On the dock is Stoyan A., the alleged murderer of the 30-year-old social media consultant. He is wearing a hooded jacket, his shoulders dropped forward, as if he were freezing. He is married, he has two children. If you believe the prosecutor, then the 39-year-old on 25 May 2018 initially tried to rape Melanie R. Fearing a lawsuit, he killed the woman. The 39-year-old Bulgarian is therefore accused of murder for covering another offense.

May 25, 2018 was a hot day. Melanie R., who often worked at home in Pankow, was walking in the afternoon to the railway embankment near the Dolomitenstrasse to take a break and lie down in the sun. The green space on the embankment was said to have been her favorite spot, which she visited three times a week.

At 4.10 pm on Tuesday, according to the prosecutor, Stoyan A. “seized” the woman. Melanie R. had fiercely resisted, scratched. The defendant should have taken off the woman’s skirt and tried to strip her bra – and then rape her. However, Melanie R. was able to fend off the attacker. Because Stoyan A. feared he would go to jail for the attempted rape, he killed Melanie R., according to the prosecutor. She says that the defendant closed his victim’s airway.

Defendant Stoyan A. is silent in court

But was it really the case in the prosecution? Did Stoyan A. really want to rape the woman? The presiding judge Sylvia Busch explains that it could also be that the defendant killed Melanie R. to cover up an attempted robbery. If the defendant can be proven to have committed a crime to cover a criminal offense, then from a legal point of view it would not matter which offense he wanted to disguise with the death of the woman.

Stoyan A. does not comment on the allegations on this first day of the trial. In the preliminary investigation he is said to have stated that he had no sexual intentions when he saw Melanie R. Rather, he wants to have tried to rob the woman’s cellphone.

Indication of attempted robbery

The body of Melanie R. had been discovered only two days after her death. The police searched for witnesses with posters. The case was discussed at “Aktenzeichen XY unresolved” on ZDF. More than 200 notes were received. But presumably, the investigators first carried on a DNA trace that had been found on the dead. She apparently led to the defendant. Stoyan A. lived in Berlin without a permanent residence, he should not have been accused in Germany criminally. He was, however, registered with the Spanish police.

Since June 25, the international search was underway. Six weeks after the crime, the person wanted was arrested in Bugos, Spain. There the mother of the defendant is supposed to live, there Stoyan A. should have stayed more often. The suspect was eventually delivered to Germany, since August 16, he sits in Berlin in custody. His defender, Clemens Hof, said after the first day of the trial, referring to the court’s legal reference, that the act to be concealed might also have been an attempted robbery: “Reason has returned to the proceedings. There was and is no evidence of attempted rape. “

The two lawyers of the co-plaintiffs do not comment. They represent in the procedure the gravely ill father and the brother of Melanie R.