19-year-old stabbed in Prenzlauer Berg: hundreds of Unioner at vigil for Karl M.

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Hundreds of mourners set candles and fan articles for the killed 19-year-old Karl M. at the vigil.

Hundreds of mourners set candles and fan articles for the killed 19-year-old Karl M. at the vigil.


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Prenzlauer Berg –

After the death of a 19-year-old, the 1st FC Union Berlin has canceled all events this week, including the fan meeting on Tuesday and the New Year’s reception on Thursday. “We are shocked and stunned by the tragic death of this young person,” said Union President Dirk Zingler. “In the face of such a tragedy, we Unioners share the sadness and pain of loved ones.”

Death of Karl M .: motive for action is unclear

On Saturday, 19-year-old Karl M. had been stabbed to death by a stranger on Stahlheimer Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg. It is unclear what the occasion was. Because Karl M. wore a Union shirt and a backpack with the Union logo, it was initially, this could have been the trigger.

But maybe the young geriatric nurse was also a chance victim? According to recent findings of the police, the act is not related to football, said on Monday a police spokeswoman.

Karl M. has long been a Union fan

The 15-year-old Lucas was there when Karl M. was stabbed. He tells that both friends went over the parking lot. An over 25-year-old strong man with a dark upper lip and chin beard crossed his path. “The guy was totally aggressive at first eye contact. ‘You fagot,’ he said to us, “says the 15-year-old. He spoke German without accentuation. The two had ignored the man and went on. As a result, the stranger who had a dog with them called after them “whoresons”. “Karl and I wanted to leave, but the guy followed us,” says Lucas.

When the man caught up with them, he was reported to have shoved Karl M. “Then he hit him twice in the face,” said the 15-year-old. The stranger threatened: “Do you want a stitch?” Then he stabbed Karl M. in the back. Lucas asserts that they did not provoke the man. “We did not want a fight. We just wanted to continue. “

Karl M. from Panketal has been a Union fan for a long time, his parents are members of the club. On Monday night, several hundred friends and Union fans held a vigil at the scene.