Football: Kevin-Prince Boateng transfers money to a fan following his move to FC Barcelona

After transfer to FC Barcelona
:Boateng transfers money to Fan


Kevin-Prince Boateng in the jersey of the Catalans


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Barcelona –

What began as a joke has become a joyous reality for a fan of football star Kevin Prince Boateng: The man was actually compensated by his great idol for a request on Instagram with money. “He is a true gentleman and has kept his word,” the fan enthusiastically commented on Boateng’s gesture. What happened?

The man named Renato, who works in the social network called “Godsavethekingborn”, had bought the midfielder in the Italian online game “Fantacalcio” for his team. But then in January, the change Boatengs from the Italian first division Sassuolo Calcio FC Barcelona became known – and the deal for the fan lapsed, as the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported.

Fan wants to donate the money

He promptly wrote “@princeboateng” on Instagram and complained, probably in fun: “You should compensate me, what do I do now? Shall I send you my account number? “Boateng did not hesitate and wrote back:” Send it to me! “, And shortly thereafter:” Ciao Renato, the money has been transferred. A big hug”. Renato could hardly believe it: “It does not exist! I think I’m going to pass out! “

How much money the German Ghanaian sent the fan, is not known. However, he promised to donate the entire sum to charity. “Grace Prince, I hope to meet you soon in person. A photo with you would be a dream, “he posted. Whether and when the encounter comes about, but was unclear. (AP)