Deadly quarrel in Prenzlauer Berg: investigators are following up new clues

On this net parking lot met Karl Sch. (✝19) to his murderer, who had stabbed him after a fight.

In this parking lot met Karl Sch. (✝19) on his killer.


Eric Richard, Photomontage COURIER

Prenzlauer Berg –

After the violent death of a 19-year-old in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, several people have reported to the police. So far, seven respondents to the incident at a supermarket parking lot, said a police spokeswoman on Monday. Investigators of a homicide commission worked off this now. Details did not mention the police.

Act is probably not related to football

According to recent findings of investigators, the act is not related to football, said the spokeswoman. The newspaper “Bild” and “BZ” (Monday) reported, citing companions of the killed man, that had been mobbed by the aggressor because of his “Union clothes”. This ignored the 19-year-old, before the culprit stabbed. The police spokeswoman said the victim had a backpack with the emblem of the 1st FC Union Berlin with him.

Quarrel in a parking lot

The 19-year-old had suffered on Saturday afternoon, according to police in an altercation with a stranger in the parking lot in the corner of Stahlheimer Strae Wichertstrae at least one stab wound. Despite an emergency operation, the young man died. Whether the murder weapon is a knife or another puncture weapon is, according to the police, unclear.

The culprit was accompanied by a wife and a dog

According to the police, the dark-dressed offender was said to have been accompanied by a woman and to have had a knee-high dog with a gray coat. According to the description, he is between 20 and 25 years old, 1.70 meters tall and spoke accent-free German. The sought after wore a mustache and goatee and had short hair. His companion wore a blue jacket. (AP)