Recipe of the week: potatoes with cucumbers

Recipe of the week
:Potatoes with cucumbers – vegetable cuisine with only two ingredients


“Only 2 – vegetable cuisine with 2 ingredients” is the title of the book by Margot van Assche, each recipe is based on two types of vegetables. In this case: potatoes and cucumbers.


Gunda Dittrich / Brandsttter Verlag

The world is becoming more and more complex, they say. It makes you happy, if it is nice, at least in the saucepan. “Only 2 – vegetable cuisine with 2 ingredients” is the title of the book by Margot van Assche, with each recipe being based on two types of vegetables: black cabbage and avocado, watermelon and aubergine, beets and kumquats. As fresh as possible, seasonal, regional vegetables, good butter, good salt and here and there a bit of balsamic and a handful of herbs – nothing else is needed for a healthy diet.

This is the idea of Margot von Assche, who is a naturopathic doctor herself and in the introduction to the book praises the nutritional advantages of a varied vegetable cuisine in a concise and easy to understand way. The book is not intended exclusively for vegetarians, for each of the recipes there are recommendations for the right meat. They also work fine without it. Very easily. (Alm).


1 kg larger firming potatoes
1 glass of small solid gherkins (drained weight approx. 300 g)
40 g of butter


Peel potatoes and slice. Just cover with cold water, add 1.5 teaspoons of salt and cook the potatoes gently. Meanwhile, sliced cucumbers. Pour 200 ml of water from the potatoes and set aside. Add butter to the potatoes and the remaining liquid and puree with the blender bar only in one place for 2-3 seconds to create a light bond. Stir and check if the consistency is right, if not, puree a little more. If necessary add some of the cooking water provided. Add the cucumbers, season with salt, a little pepper and some vinegar from the cucumber glass. Pull through. The trick: puree only briefly, because otherwise the potatoes can develop a glutinous consistency. If you want to be sure, remove some potatoes and crush them finely with a fork or potato squeezer instead.