Trial of the murder of Melanie R: Suspect Stoyan A. is silent

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    Katrin Bischoff

Murder of Melanie

A small memorial for the murdered Melanie R. in Pankow.



In the trial for the violent death of 30-year-old Melanie R., the defendant is silent this Monday. It is the first day of negotiations against the alleged murderer of the social media consultant from Pankow. According to the indictment on May 25 of last year, Stoyan A. is said to have initially tried to rape Melanie R. For fear of a criminal complaint, he then killed the woman – the 39-year-old Bulgarian is therefore accused of murder for covering another offense.

Was the offender on a mobile phone apart?

However, the jury reported that it could be that the defendant killed Melanie R. to cover up an attempted robbery. According to this, Stoyan A. is said to have tried to rob the mobile phone of the victim basking on a railway embankment.

Social media consultant Melanie R. was sunning herself on the embankment

May 25, 2018 was a very hot day. The social media consultant, who often worked at home in Pankow, ran to the railway embankment near Dolomitenstrasse in the afternoon of that day to sunbathe. It was said to have been her favorite spot, which she had visited three times a week. At about 16.10, according to the prosecution, Stoyan A. “grabbed” the sunning woman, who had fiercely resisted by scratching. He took off her skirt and tried to strip her bra. However, Melanie R. was able to stop the attacker. Because Stoyan A. feared a lawsuit, he decided to kill Melanie R. The indictment states that he had closed the airway to the woman, whereupon Melanie R. died in a short time.

Bottle collector finds corpse of Melanie R.

The body of Melanie R. had been discovered only two days after her death. A DNA trace on the dead should have led to the defendant. After Stoyan A., who had lived in Berlin without a permanent residence, was searched internationally. Six weeks after the crime, the man was arrested in Bugos, Spain. There the mother of the defendant is supposed to live. Since August 16, the father of two children is in custody in Berlin.

Stoyan A. is alleged to have stated in the preliminary investigation that he only grabbed Melanie R. by the arm, but did not touch her further. He should also have stated that he had no sexual intentions and only aimed at the woman’s mobile phone.
His defense attorney, Clemens Hof, said after the first day’s trial, referring to the court’s legal citation, that it might have been an attempted robbery: “It has reasserted reason. There was and is no evidence of attempted rape. “

The two lawyers of the co-plaintiffs did not comment. They represent in the process the father and the brother of the killed woman.
The process will continue on Thursday.