Controversy with Israel: Abbas threatens to terminate peace treaties

Quarrel with Israel
:Abbas threatens to terminate peace treaties

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Rammalah / Tel Aviv –

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas threatened Thursday with the termination of peace treaties with Israel. At a rally in Ramallah, according to Palestinian news agency Wafa, Abbas said they would suspend the agreements signed since 1993. A committee should start implementing this decision on Friday. However, similar threats from Abbas had not been implemented in the past. In particular, security cooperation with Israel continued de facto.

Abbas convened the emergency meeting after the destruction of houses in East Jerusalem by the Israeli army. The European Union and the UN Emergency Relief Agency Ocha had condemned the demolition of the buildings near the Israeli blockade on Monday. According to EU data, most of the houses are located on land under Palestinian administration. Israel justified the move with safety considerations.
Abbas said, according to Wafa, that they would not bow to Israeli dictates and the use of gross force. At the same time, the Palestinian president said that they were still ready for a “just, comprehensive and lasting peace” with Israel.

First peace treaty signed in 1993

Israel and the Palestinians signed the first peace treaty in 1993. Negotiations on a permanent peace settlement have been interrupted since 2014. The lack of progress and the continued expansion of Israeli settlements are causing great frustration in the Palestinian territories.

In 1967, during the Six-Day War, Israel conquered the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, among other places. There are now more than 600,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinians are demanding territories for their own state – with East Jerusalem as its capital. (AP)