Heat extreme in Germany: new record: 42.6 degrees! It has never been so hot

Drought and heat
:Fire broke out again on the training area at Jterbog


Ammunition in the ground complicates the extinguishing work on the former military training area in Jterbog.


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Berlin –

Berlin sweats under temperatures like in southern Spain. In fact, the highs on Thursday in our region of more than 34 degrees are well above those reported in Barcelona (30 degrees).

At the weather station Berlin-Tempelhof, the 30-degree mark was already cracked in the morning at 10.20 clock. By the early evening reached the highs in the capital over 33 degrees.

Ammunition in the ground complicates forest fire extinguishing

Drought and the current heat wave have sparked on Thursday a new fire on the former military training area at Jterbog (Teltow-Flming). A large cloud of smoke can be seen, said a spokesman for the regional fire department. Due to the explosive ordnance available there, according to his statements, no firefighters were sent to extinguish the area for safety reasons. Nevertheless, in the early evening, 50 firefighters, ten tankers and five firefighting vehicles from fortified roads were in action. In addition, a fire helicopter was used until 21 clock.

According to the fire department, about 32 hectares are affected by the fire. Only in June had there been a devastating forest fire elsewhere on the grounds of the military training area. After a week, he could be brought under control. At times 744 hectares burned – an area larger than 1000 soccer fields. It was the largest forest fire in Brandenburg so far.

Acker on fire: trains diverted between Hamburg and Berlin

Because a field had caught fire in the vicinity of Neustadt (Dosse), train passengers had to exercise patience on Thursday: Trains on the ICE route between Berlin and Hamburg were in both directions because of the fire and the extinguishing for several hours over Stendal diverted. This tweeted the Deutsche Bahn in the early evening. For the passengers, this meant a journey time that was 90 minutes longer.

Never before have such hot values been measured in Germany

In West Germany, the peaks around noon had even worked towards the 40-degree mark: The weather station Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler south of Bonn reported at 12.40 clock as much as 39 degrees.


Incredible highs on this Thursday, are equally common in the West 40 or even 41 degrees possible.



In the afternoon it was time: almost every minute new all-time heat records were reported. First cracked Bonn Roleber in NRW the record from the previous day. Then Lingen in Lower Saxony with 40.9 degrees was the hottest place in Germany. At 3.50 pm, 41.6 degrees were already measured there. In the early evening, there was even reached the mark of 42.6 degrees.

Thus, the heat record of the previous day is already history. On Wednesday, the hottest outside temperature ever measured in Germany had been reported: At the NATO base in Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, the thermometer showed 40.5 degrees. On Thursday, the German Weather Service (DWD) recognized this new historical temperature record, before it was cracked again shortly thereafter.

A heat record chasing the next

This historic heat wave affects us because meteorologically all conceivable factors come together at the moment. Weather expert Dominik Jung (wetter.net) explains: “The influx of heat from the Sahara, Spain and France to Germany and the very stable high-pressure area which increases the already high temperatures with strong sunshine. Cooling low-pressure areas are still missing. “

This leads to the unusual situation even for meteorologists that one temperature record chases the next, possibly even three days in a row 40 degrees and more in Germany are measured.

“This has never happened before”

“That has never been there since the beginning of the weather records in 1881” Jung puts it in a nutshell. Except for a small strip in northeastern Germany, the DWD has issued an official warning against heavy heat load for the entire country until Friday. Particularly stressful for our organism are the nights when the lows in western Germany will not fall below 25 degrees. In Berlin you can rip open the windows in the early morning with values around 20 degrees and let a little cooler air in the shack.

Incidentally, the DWD expects a significant slowdown only towards the end of the month. Individual thunderstorms could creep in from Saxony during the night to Sunday in our region. On Sunday, local showers and thunderstorms could hit the ground, but even that does not bring the temperatures down: the DWD expects a sultry 38 to 32 degrees. And also the new week starts hot.JSt (with dpa)