Gevelsberg: Mother leaves baby in the car and goes shopping

Despite high temperatures
:Mother leaves baby in the car and goes shopping

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Gevelsberg –

Incredible carelessness: In Gevelsberg, a mother (38) on Thursday left her six-month-old sleeping baby in the car to go shopping. “The car was in the parking lot of the market in the sun, the discs were left a crack down,” said the police of the Ennepe Ruhr district on Facebook. Witnesses have released the child from the car.

“While the mother was shopping, the baby woke up, passers-by became aware of the crying child. One of them stepped to action, reached through the open window and opened such a door, “said the police. When the alarmed police arrived, the little girl was safely in the arms of his mother.

The police have warned the 38-year-old, said a spokeswoman for the “WAZ”. The personal details were taken. Maybe there is a negligent assault in the room. (AP)