Television Award: Jrgen von der Lippe is honored for his life’s work

Television Award from the Lippe

Jrgen von der Lippe and his wife Anne Dohrenkamp



Dusseldorf –

Red carpet in Dusseldorf: The German TV industry awarded the best actors, shows and journalists of the past year with the German Television Award. “Best Actress” and “Best Actor” were Vicky Krieps and Albrecht Schuch. At Krieps, the jury praised their performance in the Sky series “The Boat”. Schuch received the award for his roles in “The Policeman and the Girl” (ZDF), “Gladbeck” (ARD / Radio Bremen) and “Kruso” (ARD / MDR).

Television Award Ina Mller

Ina Mller



The best primetime show was the dance show “Let’s Dance” (RTL) against “Ninja Warrior Germany – The strongest show in Germany” (RTL) and “Who knows what? XXL “(ARD / HR / NDR). Among the entertainment presenters, Luke Mockridge received “Luke! The school and I “(Sat.1) the jury’s award. “Inas Nacht” (ARD / NDR) was awarded “Best Entertainment Late Night” by cabaret artist, singer and presenter Ina Mller.

Maria Furtwngler in the jury

In the documentary “Kulenkampffs shoes” (ARD / SWR / HR) was honored. In the documentary, TV author Regina Schilling, as the child of a war veteran, casts a very subjective eye on Germany’s great entertainers such as Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff, Peter Frankenfeld and Hans Rosenthal – and develops the thesis that the TV stars were therapists of a traumatized generation. As the best foreign reporter, the jury honored Antonia Rados for her report “Yemen’s Slow Death” (n-tv).

Television Award Jorge and Llambi

Joachim Llambi (l.) And Jorge Gonzalez



The German Television Award has been awarded annually by the major TV broadcasters since 1999 with one interruption. The jury included actress Maria Furtwngler (52) this year. The Gala 2019 was moderated by Barbara Schneberger and Steffen Hallaschka. This year, she was also broadcast live again – on the Internet. That was not the case last time.

The honorary prize for the life’s work went to Jrgen von der Lippe – for shows such as “Money or Love”. “I have now forced myself into this too small suit, so as not to bother anyone, but I’m glad if I can take it off again sometime,” the moderator confessed before the ceremony. He did not wear his obligatory Hawaiian shirt as usual. (AP)