Second Mggelturm planned in Treptow-Kpenick: Monument protection activates

Mggelturm Twin
:Monument protection wants to see plans – but documents are missing

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Plan of the double Mggelturm

This is what the double Mggelturm looks like as a computer animation planned by real estate entrepreneur Matthias Groe.



The district office Treptow-Kpenick was already interested. Now also the monument protection wants to examine the project for a second Mggelturm on approval ability. It could be started long ago, it says from the district office. But it lacks the necessary documents. Therefore, the district now calls Mggelturm owner Matthias Groe to finally submit his plans for the second tower he wants to build.

Construction of second mugger tower difficult

“So far, the district office is no more than the computer simulation shown in the newspaper known,” says district councilor Rainer Hlmer (SPD), which is also subordinate to the Lower Monument Protection Authority. In order for them to be able to assess the project expertly, it was important that Groe presented the detailed plans.

“Because the construction of a second tower is monument and planning law difficult,” said Hlmer the Berliner Zeitung. “But the district office is ready to examine the approval capability of the project with the project bearer and the responsible Senate agencies – but on the basis of submitted documents.” Because the district knew only from the media, what the Mggelturm owner actually intended with the second tower ,

42 percent of Mggelturm visitors are not coming up

Groe plans to erect a second tower next to the Mggelturm tower, which has been a listed building since 1995. In this tower, he wants to install an elevator, which should bring especially people with mobility restrictions to the approximately 30 -meter-high viewing platform. So far, only 126 steps in the old tower lead to the viewing platform.

“About 42 percent of visitors to the Mggelturmareal do not come up,” said Groe. Why he has not yet submitted his plans in the district office? “Only when the district seriously shows an interest, I will also submit the plans,” says the entrepreneur. “Despite the district’s explanations, I’m still not so sure.”

Many hurdles for Mggelturm twin

According to his information he had ever problems with the monument protection. During the refurbishment of the Mggelturm, reopened in 2018, Groe had planned an elevator to the side of the building. But the monument protection did not give permission for that, said Grosse.

The district now wants to make up for lost time. Although, due to planning and monumental hurdles, “the barrier-free development of the Mggelturm is indeed a particular challenge,” says Baustadtrat Hlmer. Nevertheless, it is self-evident, “that the district office supports the intention to make as many places as possible for people with reduced mobility.”

One of the hurdles to which Hlmer points is, among other things, the clarification of the question of whether a new building may be erected next to the listed Mggelturm tower. For this purpose, the Landesdenkmalamt (LDA) has a clear guideline. “In general, changes to monuments are possible, but only within narrow margins,” says a spokesman for the administration of Cultural Senator Klaus Lederer (The Left), to which the LDA belongs.