Zalando fights in business premises in the old post station in Friedrichshain with rat plague

:Zalando fights in Berlin business premises apparently with rat plague

Zalando corporate headquarters in Berlin

Proximity to the Spree and construction sites: Thus Zalando founds himself the current rat plague in their business premises in the old postal station in Friedrichshain.


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Friedrichshain –

The online mail-order company Zalando is currently struggling with a rat plague at its location in Berlin Friedrichshain. As reported by “Business Insider”, in May of this year “Alex” caused a problem with the rodents.

The business premises in the historic Postbahnhof had penetrated large amounts of water, with which one could have filled a whole pool, one employee told “Business Insider”. Only three days after the heavy rains, Zalando employees found rat droppings at their workplaces. Since then, posters have been ordered to bring all the dishes to the main kitchen so as not to further increase rat infestation.

Rats should not be a new problem at Zalando

However, the problem with the unwanted guests should not be new to Zalando: “Business Insiders” featured videos that proved that the building had been infested with rats for three years already. Meanwhile, the management of Zalando has responded to the rat problem by emailing its employees. There it is said, they have already commissioned a cleaning company and an exterminator with the case.

The company itself, among other things, traces the current rat infestation back to the nearby Spree and construction sites near the company headquarters. In addition, the old Postbahnhof, where Zalando has been sitting since 2014, is already more than 100 years old. (RLS)