Hong Kong does not calm down: New protests in Hong Kong: renewed clashes between police and demonstrators content

Hong Kong does not rest
:Renewed clashes between police and protesters

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The police used pepper spray and batons.



Hong Kong –

In Hong Kong, there were repeated violent clashes between policemen and protesters over the weekend. Police deployed pepper spray and batons on Sunday at a demonstration against the now extradited extradition law. Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Shatin district between Hong Kong harbor and the mainland border on Sunday.

On the fringes of the mass demonstration, several smaller protest groups took over a street. The police tried to dissolve the protest with pepper spray and truncheons. Masked protesters then built barricades of metal lattices. As a result, clashes occurred.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets

In Hong Kong protests have been going on for weeks, initially directed primarily against a planned extradition law. The bill, which would have enabled deliveries to mainland China for the first time, triggered the biggest protests since the return of the former British Crown Colony to China in 1997. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have repeatedly appeared on the streets in recent weeks in the financial capital.

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Most of the rallies were peaceful.



Most of the rallies were peaceful. But there were also violent clashes between protesters and police officers. On Saturday, clashes erupted as protesters protested against Chinese traders buying cheap cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in the Hong Kong suburb of Sheng Shui and reselling them on the Chinese side.

Demands of the demonstrators refused

On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the return of the former British Crown Colony to China on 1 July, mostly young and masked demonstrators stormed the Parliament building in unprecedented action. Despite the pledge of Hong Kong’s distressed Prime Minister Carrie Lam to put the controversial law permanently on hold, protests continue.

Lam has refused to comply with the protesters’ demand that the extradition law be definitively removed from the parliamentary agenda. In addition, the protest movement demands an investigation of police violence in the protests, the release of arrested demonstrators and the resignation of Lams.

“One country, two systems”

“We have demonstrated so many times, but the government is still not listening. It’s forcing everyone onto the streets, “said 24-year-old protester Tony Wong from the AFP news agency. For many participants, the demonstrations are also an expression of their general grudge against the central government in Beijing. “This is a dangerous time. The Hong Kong people can choose to die or live, “said Jo Jo San, a mid-fiftieth, who attended the demonstration in Shatin.

China pledged London’s handover of Hong Kong in 1997 that fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and freedom of the press were maintained for at least 50 years in the former British colony. Hong Kong’s resurgent opposition movement accuses the Beijing-loyal government of undermining this rule known as “One Land, Two Systems.” (AP)