Controversy in the AfD: discussion about Hcke increases in sharpness

Bjrn Hcke

Bjrn Hcke of the AfD.



Cottbus / Berlin –

Despite the efforts to be closed before the elections in East Germany, the dispute over the Thuringian chief of state Bjrn Hcke is intensifying in the AfD. Leading West German AfD politicians called on the spokesman of the right-wing national “wing” to compete at the next party congress for the election of the Federal Executive.

At the beginning of the state election campaign in Brandenburg Hcke was celebrated on Saturday in Cottbus by his followers. The Federal Chairman Jrg Meuthen stressed in Cottbus the unity of the party: “We do not let us split.”

Hcke should face the members

The Rhineland-Palatinate AfD chairman Uwe Junge told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” (“FAS”), if someone like Hcke thinks that only he knows where to go, then he should “throw his hat in the ring”. Hcke must now have the edge to face the members. “Then that would be decided. And I’m sure he will fail. “

The Hessian AFD country chief Klaus Herrmann told the newspaper, with his attacks Hcke had asked the question of power. Therefore, he should not hide at the federal party conference in November. He must have “the courage to stand up”. Since Hcke says he could do better, he should not just apply for a subordinate position. It’s about the presidency.

Last weekend, the Thuringian state chairman had drawn the wrath of many AfD politicians with a challenge to the party executive. In an appeal published on Wednesday by more than 100 elected officials and officials “for a united and strong AfD” it was said that Hcke had “violated the inner-party solidarity and has been in the back of our campaigners and members”.

The Deputy AfD national leaders Kay Gottschalk and Georg Pazderski joined in the “FAS” of the demand, Hcke should stand for the party presidency. Gottschalk said that Hcke had made it clear with his appearance at the meeting of the “wing” that he wanted to apply for a leadership position. “And if he says he wants to do that, then he should do that.” Pazderski said, “Anyone who is dissatisfied with the work of the federal board should start and do better. We’ll see who’s standing for election. “

“Personality cult” of Hcke does not fit the AFD

At the election campaign in Brandenburg Hcke was celebrated with chants. He did not enter into the dispute over his person. Meuthen said in Cottbus, he was constantly asked by journalists, whether a new split of AfD imminent. His answer is: “No, she certainly does not. Forget that, you dream dancers. We will never do you this favor, “Meuthen also said to the other parties. He acknowledged that sometimes arguing in the AfD. That is democracy. “We are just not a devout chancellor’s election club.”

To conclude, however, were only the AfD leaders from Brandenburg and Saxony, Andreas Kalbitz and Jrg Urban, with Hcke on stage. Meuthen was missing. He had accused Hcke on Wednesday still, his occasionally operated “personality cult” does not fit the AFD.

In Brandenburg and Saxony new regional parliaments are elected on 1 September, in Thuringia on 27 October. After the election campaign for Brandenburg wanted to start on Sunday, the Saxonia-AfD in the election campaign. For the event in Lommatzsch also the three state chairmen Hcke, Kalbitz and Urban were announced. (AP)