Brandenburg: “Fireworks Symphony” in Potsdam canceled due to heavy rain

Terrain evacuated
:Potsdam “Fireworks Symphony” failed

As part of the 18th Fireworks Symphony missiles rocket the sky over Potsdam.

On Friday evening fireworks rockets illuminated the night sky over Potsdam. The next day it had to stay dark.


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Potsdam –

Due to heavy rain the Volkspark Potsdam has canceled a fireworks show with about 5000 visitors on Saturday evening. The danger had been too great for the visitors, the people would have had to leave the grounds, said the organizer in Potsdam. The measure was peaceful.

“Fireworks Symphony” already started on Friday

The “Fireworks Symphony” had already begun on Friday with two shows. In the night sky was a spectacle of colors, which was underlaid with music. Four teams wanted to go to the start, but from the second competition on Saturday was nothing more because of the weather. According to the situation center of the police Brandenburg Sunday there was no major damage in the country during rain and thunderstorms on Saturday. (AP)