Police report: Man stabbed at the Kottbusser Tor and seriously injured

July 12


Man stabbed at the Kottbusser Tor and seriously injured

A man was stabbed on Thursday evening in the Adalbertstrae near the Kottbusser gate and seriously injured. According to first findings, the victim dragged himself to a supermarket at the Kottbusser Tor, where it collapsed. The seriously injured was on-site by emergency patients and an emergency doctor first supplied and then taken to a hospital. The police secured traces and DNA on the spot. The perpetrator (s) are fleeting. (BC)


Two women injured in elevator fire in middle

The fire brigade rescued two women in Berlin-Mitte on the night of Friday, who were stuck in a lift because of a fire. “The two would have been miserably ruined if we had not supplied them with oxygen,” said a fire department spokesman on Friday morning. Accordingly, objects burned in an elevator in a high-rise in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, the flue gases moved to the two women in the adjacent elevator. They got stuck between two floors and it was “very sensitive to open the elevator,” according to the spokesman. Around 40 task forces extinguished the fire and liberated the women. They came to a hospital with suspected smoke poisoning. The police are investigating arson. (AP)

The fire department during the rescue operation.

The fire department during the rescue operation.


Morris Pudwell


Three burning vehicles in the night in Berlin

The Berlin fire department has extinguished three burning vehicles in the night of Friday. Because a fire was reported in the industrial area at Tempelhofer Weg, the fire brigade moved out with a large contingent. “There are also tankers, workshops and warehouses, it was unclear what was burning,” said a fire department spokesman on Friday morning. In the end it turned out that a car and a pickup truck were on fire. The emergency services extinguished the vehicles, nobody was injured in the fire.

Another pickup truck set fire a short time later in Spandau. The fire department put out the fire in Cosmarweg. The parked vehicle burned out completely, no one was injured. The police are investigating arson in both cases. (AP)

Forces erase the burning car.

Forces erase the burning car.


Morris Pudweell

July 11th


Man shot down – Investigators do not confirm political motive for the time being

After a man in Berlin-Charlottenburg gunned down and critically injured, the investigators see a political motive not yet confirmed. “In addition to political motives can currently not be ruled out a robbery or other personal motives,” it said in a statement by the Berlin Attorney General on Thursday on Twitter.
Earlier, the Kurdish community of Germany had suggested that it was a political act. According to the association, the victim was a Kurdish kiosk owner. (AP)


Unauthorized discovered cameras on school grounds

At the Voltaire Comprehensive School in Potsdam, three unauthorized cameras were discovered and removed during routine work during the summer holidays. One of the cameras was in a young toilet, as the city of Potsdam announced on Thursday. Accordingly, the camera showed along the longitudinal wall in the room. According to the prosecutor Potsdam, there is currently no evidence of a sexual background. It will be determined in all directions, said spokesman Markus Nolte. The parents of all students were also informed. (AP)


23-year-old presses wife and bares private parts

At 8:50 am on Wednesday morning, a 23-year-old spoke to a woman in the station building. He expressed himself in a lewd manner. In the course of the man bared his private parts. Alerted officials arrested the Cameroonian national for a witness statement still in the station for the time being. The Federal Police initiated investigation of the man for exhibitionist act as well as insult. (BC)


Because of blue-green algae: bathing alert for Lake Branitz

The city of Cottbus has warned swimmers against blue-green algae in Lake Branitz. At regular examinations, the algae were found. “Therefore, it is warned not to bathe in Lake Branitz or splash on the shore in the water. Appropriate warning signs are set up on Friday at the lake, “it said in a statement on Thursday.

The cyanobacteria contain a green-blue dye, which is why they are often referred to as blue-green algae. Long-lasting high temperatures and plenty of sunshine promote their growth. “The algae toxins can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if swallowed. Even skin irritation and allergic reactions are possible, “it said. (AP)


Men fight each other – one has a machete with him

A man armed with a machete called the police on Wednesday. According to testimonies, two men had delivered a fight at the station, one of whom is said to have carried a machete. Policemen later checked the 20-year-old suspect in a train in Knigs Wusterhausen and arrested him for the time being. According to the police, the man carried a machete and a gas pressure pistol.

A drug screening test was positive for cocaine and amphetamines. When the police searched the man, she found narcotics. Subsequently, a search of the apartment was judicially ordered. There, policemen ensured additional narcotics. (AP)


Tenant killed in burglary: perpetrator is taken to prison in safety custody

A serial burglar who had fatally injured a 54-year-old tenant in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been sentenced to ten years in prison. In addition, the district court ordered a subsequent preventive detention against the 43-year-old. The man had been committed for more than 25 years repeatedly crimes and despite penalties not changed, the judges justified on Thursday.

The current process involved four burglaries. Only one month after his last release, the man had entered a home in September 2018 over a scaffolding to steal money to finance his drug addiction, the verdict said. When the renter approached him with a baseball bat, the defendant stabbed the injured victim with a knife deep into his forearm. The man was bleeding thereupon. Two days later, the 43-year-old had again entered an apartment, threatened a man with a knife and demanded money. The defendant was found guilty, among other things, of the robber’s theft and fatalities, the heavy predatory extortion and the dangerous bodily injury. Because of the man’s drug addiction for years, the court assumed reduced guilt. (AP)


23-year-old threatens men with knives

A 23-year-old threatened two men at Berlin-Sdkreuz station with a kitchen knife. No one was injured in the incident on Wednesday afternoon, as the federal police announced on Thursday. According to initial findings, the suspect, a German, addressed the two on the S-Bahn platform and held out the knife. Alerted policemen arrested him. The bike he carried at the checkup had been stolen this year. Why the man took the knife, is determined. (AP)


60-year-old Brandenburger crashed while hiking – dead

When hiking in Austria, a 60-year-old Brandenburg man was killed in a fatal accident. About steep meadows and almost vertical rock terrain, the man from the district Teltow-Flming crashed about 250 meters, as the police announced on Thursday. On Wednesday alone he was on a black marked route in the direction of Schernerskopf in Tyrol. The exact location of the accident and the cause of the accident could not be determined. The man’s body was recovered by a police helicopter and brought down to the valley. (AP)


17-year-old threatened with pistol and robbed

A teenager is said to have been threatened and robbed on Wednesday evening in Alt-Hohenschnhausen with a pistol. According to the victim, a man is said to have held his gun against him at 6 pm and a second man had grabbed his shoulder bag, the police said Thursday morning. After that, the robbers fled the backyard on Strausberger Strasse. The captured bag contained a cell phone, money, and headphones. The police are now investigating robbery. (AP)

10th of July


Cyclist overrun by car and fatally injured

A female cyclist got caught in a moving car in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district and was fatally injured. The 55-year-old crossed a road in the crossing area on Wednesday evening when the car turned and rolled over. (BC)


Beer spilled: 21-year-old attacked with stun guns

In a dispute between two men, it came on Tuesday evening to an attack with a disguised stun gun. According to the police, the two men clashed at 5 pm at Alexanderplatz station, after 21-year-old Ivorer had jostled the 53-year-old man, who then spilled his beer. The 53-year-old struck the Ivorer with his fist in the face and the dispute shifted into a commuter train. While driving, the 21-year-old repeatedly challenged his attacker. At the exit of the Treptower Park S-Bahn station, the 53-year-old man pulled a stun gun stolen as a flashlight and attacked the 21-year-old. The 21-year-old then tried to beat and kick the 53-year-old. A witness informed the police, which ensured the stun gun and initiated a preliminary investigation for dangerous bodily harm against the 53-year-olds. The 21-year-old has to answer for attempted assault. (BC)


Arrest after severe arson: 26-year-old throws burning object in apartment

Policemen arrested a 26-year-old girl on Tuesday afternoon after heavy arson in Schmargendorf. At around 3.40 pm, according to witnesses, the young woman is said to have thrown a burning object through the open window of a flat on the ground floor of Cunostrasse. The 57-year-old tenant, who was sleeping, awoke from the triggered fire alarm and rescued himself from the apartment, which burned down completely. An apartment above was also damaged by the flames. Five people came with the suspicion of smoke poisoning in clinics, where they were partially hospitalized. Alarmed firefighters extinguished the fire.

The 26-year-old had then gone to a store in Breite Strae, quarreled with a 38-year-old saleswoman and should have inflicted slight injuries to her neck with a knife. She had then lit the seat cushion of a chair of another store before it was arrested by emergency personnel. The young woman, who was psychologically conspicuous according to testimonies, first came to a clinic and then into police custody. (BC)


No driver’s license, car stolen – 18-year-old rages police from it

An 18-year-old driver without a license and in a stolen car has delivered a chase with the police in Berlin. The Kleinstwagen had noticed the officials in the night on Wednesday on the Leipziger road in Berlin center, because he took a narrow and fast a curve, as the police announced. When the officers wanted to stop him, the young man got on the gas and raced away, partly through red lights and on the opposite lane. The journey ended in Wilhelmstrasse when the car drove against a light tower.

The 18-year-old passenger suffered injuries to his head, wanted to run away and was arrested. The driver initially managed to escape, but investigations led the police then to the 18-year-olds. The license plates of the car turned out separately as stolen. Determined against the teenager now among other things because of traffic accident escape, prohibited motor vehicle racing, driving without a license and document falsification. (AP)


Unknown shoot down man in Spti

A man was gunned down and seriously injured in Berlin-Charlottenburg by two unknown persons. The perpetrators entered the night on Wednesday a late purchase in the Goethestrae and shot a mid-30-year-old, as a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The perpetrators fled. The victim was seriously injured in a hospital and was there notoperated. Closer backgrounds to the deed were initially unknown. A murder commission has taken over the investigation. According to the BZ passers-by had heard cries for help and found the injured on the ground. (AP)


Senior woman sandwiched between cars and seriously injured

A 77-year-old woman was trapped in Berlin-Charlottenburg between two cars and seriously injured. Previously, a 35-year-old motorists on Tuesday afternoon have triggered a chain reaction: According to initial findings, the man turned his car from Olbersstrae in the Herschelstrae and then drove against a parked cars, as the police said. The impact pushed it against another stationary vehicle, which in turn crashed into a car. The elderly woman was sandwiched between two of the vehicles, suffered severe leg injuries and was taken to a clinic. There was a suspicion that the man was under the influence of drugs. (AP)


Memorial to murdered Sinti and Roma in Europe damaged

Unknown people have damaged the memorial to the Sinti and Roma of Europe murdered by National Socialism in Berlin-Tiergarten. A large “A” had been carved into a glass panel of the memorial on the Simsonweg in the Great Tiergarten, a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The damage was discovered Tuesday night by police officers. The responsible for politically motivated crime police state security of the State Office for Criminal Investigation has taken over the investigation. The monument in Tiergarten was inaugurated in autumn 2012. It consists of a round well with a retractable stone on which a fresh flower is laid daily. In addition, there are several panels informing about the murder of the Sinti and Roma during the Nazi period. (AP)


Masked stranger mugs casino

A masked man attacked a casino in Westend on Tuesday night. Around 9.30 pm, according to a 45-year-old employee, the masked man entered the Reichsstrasse shop, threatening the employee with a firearm and demanding money. After the 45-year-old complied, the perpetrator fled in an unknown direction. Nobody got hurt. (BC)


Policemen capture four men after heavy robbery

Policemen arrested four alleged robbers in the middle of Tuesday night. The previous night was preceded by a heavy robbery on a 21-year-old in the scenic road. Here, the four arrested at the age of 18 to 27 years have beaten, kicked and strangled the young man before they stole several items from him. Intense investigations led the forces to the four men who were arrested and placed in police custody. All four will be presented to a magistrate today. The 21-year-old suffered minor injuries in the attack.


19-year-old injured in a dispute with Messer

A 19-year-old was injured in a dispute in Schwedt (Uckermark) with a knife. As reported by the Police Directorate East, the offender after the argument on Tuesday also injured a police officer. The 19-year-old could be treated locally. The perpetrator known to the police is being investigated for resisting executing officers and causing serious bodily harm. Earlier, the “Nordkurier” reported. At first, the police were unable to provide any information about the background to the dispute on Kummerower Strae. (AP)


Pedestrians hit by trucks and seriously injured

A pedestrian has been hit by a truck in Berlin-Pankow and seriously injured. The 40-year-old driver had driven the access road to a parking lot in the Max-Lingner-Strae and collided with the 53-year-old pedestrian, as a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday. How exactly it came to the accident was still unclear. The police initially assumed that the pedestrian wanted to cross the access road with his rollator. The accident caused severe leg injuries and hospitalization for inpatient treatment. (AP)

9th of July


Frontal collision with light truck – 77-year-old female driver dead

In a head-on collision in Jeserig (Potsdam-Mittelmark), a 77-year-old driver died. The woman was on Tuesday with her car for unknown reasons in the oncoming traffic and collided with an oncoming pickup, reported a spokesman for the police department West. The pickup truck tipped sideways. The car driver died at the scene of the accident, the spokesman said. The driver of the truck was taken injured to a hospital. After initial investigations, the 77-year-old could have had a health problem before the accident. (AP)


Unknown throw fire extinguishers from bridge – no casualties

Unknown offenders have thrown a fire extinguisher from the bridge of a freeway in Potsdam on the street below. According to a witness, the fire extinguisher was pitched next to a moving vehicle on Monday evening, the police reported on Tuesday. The witness saw two adolescents around the age of 14 to 15 years running away. An immediately initiated search with a tracking dog was unsuccessful. Since the contents of the fire extinguisher had spilled over the road, the road had to be fully closed for the cleanup for a good two hours. (Dpa)


Police confiscate firearm after chase

During a chase in Berlin-Charlottenburg the police seized a sharp firearm. The fugitives had targeted on Monday so that their pursuers, but a shot had not resolved, said a spokesman for the Berlin police on Tuesday. In addition to the firearm, a knife and a telescopic baton were also secured. An official initially wanted to settle a dispute between 10 to 15 participants. As a result, two men have fled, the others have taken up the persecution.

The two 27- and 33-year-old refugees were arrested. A lawsuit was filed against them for attempted homicide and for violations of the Arms Act. The younger one is an intensive offender. He and his companion were arrested. You should be presented to a magistrate on Tuesday. For the other participants and the background, the police initially made no further information. (AP)


Murder commission determined: 29-year-old critically injured

On Monday evening, a 29-year-old was seriously injured in Reinickendorf. According to previous findings, the 29-year-old is said to have already entered a shop on Residenzstrae shortly after 7 pm. Alerted rescue workers took the man to a clinic where he needed emergency surgery.

The investigators are currently assuming an attempted homicidal offense. In the course of further investigations, two people were arrested. One of the suspects is to be presented today to a magistrate. The facts are still unclear. (BC)


Motorist causes chain reaction – cyclists seriously injured

Actually, he just wanted to leave a parking space: A 47-year-old motorist has triggered a chain reaction in Berlin-Westend with his car, as a result of which a cyclist was seriously injured. According to the police, the man wanted to leave the parking lot of a food discounter on the Frstenbrunner Weg on Monday afternoon, a spokeswoman said. He first encountered an e-bike coming from the left that was on the bike path.

The 38-year-old cyclist crashed, but remained unhurt. However, a 72-year-old senior driving behind the e-bike also had to slow down with his bike and also supported. The fall resulted in severe head injury and hospitalization for inpatient treatment. (AP)


Unknown person offends passers-by racially and shows Hitler salute

Policemen arrested a man in Charlottenburg on Monday afternoon after alleged racist abuse of passers-by. A witness spoke to policemen at around 4:50 pm and drew their attention to a man who allegedly offended a number of passers-by in the green area at Stuttgarter Platz.

When the suspect discovered the officials, he showed the Hitler salute and fled to the Charlottenburg S-Bahn station. The police followed the stranger and arrested him for the time being. Subsequently, the 50-year-old was taken to a police custody for blood collection and identification service treatment. A breath alcohol control carried out previously had yielded a value of around 2.4 per thousand. After the police action was completed, the detainee was released. The police state protection determined. (BC)


Civilians arrest three pickpockets

Civil Detainees arrested three suspected pickpockets in Kreuzberg on Monday night. At around 6:20 pm, the police noticed the three men on Reichenberger Strasse at the corner of Kottbusser Tor when they were stealing a laptop with a bag from a bicycle basket. The cyclist had been waiting at a red light and the suspects were attacking when it started again in green. Afterwards, the trio fled to the subway station Kottbusser Tor and took the U2 line in the direction of Hermannstrae. The investigators followed the suspected pickpockets and took them on the train at the subway station Schnleinstrae provisionally fixed. The arrested at the age of 19, 22 and 32 were put into police custody. The victim was found out. The alleged pickpockets should today be presented to a magistrate for issuing arrest warrants. (BC)


Masked hijack hotel

A masked man attacked a hotel in Berlin-Mariendorf on the night of Tuesday. The robber had gone around 2:00 clock to the reception desk of the hotel in the Sntisstrae and have demanded of the 37-year-old employees money, said a police spokeswoman on Tuesday. After the receptionist complied with the request, the stranger fled with his prey. The woman suffered a shock and was receiving medical treatment on the spot. About the height of the prey, the police initially did not provide information. The unknown was still on the run in the morning. (AP)

8th of July


Man bares in suburban train – passenger struggles with pepper spray

A 36-year-old man has bared in the night on Saturday in a S-Bahn and harassed other passengers. As reported by the police, the man got rid of his clothes at 3 o’clock in a suburban train S9 between the stations Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt. After the man harassed the other passengers with exhibitionist acts sprayed a previously unidentified passenger the 36-year-old with pepper spray. The exhibitionist suffered redness in the face and chest area and could be detained by employees of the Deutsche Bahn in the S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt. The security officials handed the 36-year-olds of the Federal Police, which initiated a preliminary investigation into the man for exhibitionist act. Against the unknown passenger is determined for dangerous bodily injury. (BC)


Property damage with homophobic background

Unknown persons committed damage to a parked car and a residential building on a property last night. The 60-year-old owner alerted the police on Monday morning, indicating the damage that would have occurred between 11 pm yesterday evening and 9 am this morning. The bonnet of the Mercedes and a wall had been sprayed with homophobic words. In addition, three tires of the car were pricked and smashed the window of the passenger door. The state protection determined. (BC)


Two seriously injured after ship accident

Two women were seriously injured on a raft trip near Berlin-Rahnsdorf. The 55-year-old and the 68-year-old were on the raft roof on Sunday and noticed near the bridge of the Russians that they would not fit through even lying down. However, as the police reported on Monday, the skipper could not stop the raft completely anymore, it pushed under the bridge at full speed. Even the women could not save themselves in time. The ride on the old Spreearm towards Mggelspree ended for the women with falls from the roof to the raft floor. The older woman injured her legs, torso and head, the younger one injured by the legs. Both came in latches. (AP)


20-year-old woman at Ostbahnhof sexually harassed

A 22-year-old man from Ghana was arrested on Saturday night because of the sexual harassment of a young woman at the East Station. According to the police, the 20-year-old woman and her companions drove to the basement of the station when the man stood behind her and grabbed her buttocks. He passed the woman and again touched her back and buttocks. The woman’s companion confronted the man, but he went to a shop where he was arrested shortly afterwards by the Federal Police. The man from Ghana is now being investigated for sexual harassment. (BC)


Motocross riders scare horses – 55-year-old and child injured

Three unknown motocross riders have caused an accident in a forest in Zossen (Teltow-Flming) in which a 55-year-old rider and a four-year-old girl were seriously injured. The two were on Sunday on horses, which were startled by the three motorcyclists, the police reported on Monday. The animals threw off the 55-year-old and the little girl. Both riders were seriously injured and had to be taken by rescue workers in hospitals.

The police are now looking for the three motocross drivers who would have left after the accident without helping the injured. According to a police spokeswoman driving on forests with vehicles is currently prohibited because of the high forest fire danger. In principle, driving on off-road motorcycles is only allowed on designated routes. (AP)


Boy bitten by dog in the head and seriously injured

While playing, a six-year-old boy in Brandenburg on the Havel was attacked and severely injured by his family’s dog. The dog had bitten the child several times on Sunday evening from initially unexplained cause in the head, reported the police on Monday. The child was taken to hospital with serious injuries and is not said to be in mortal danger. The police took the dog to a shelter and now investigate for negligent assault. (AP)


Canoeist discovers body of missing elderly woman

The body of a woman has been recovered from the Havel in Potsdam. A canoeist had discovered the lifeless person on Friday evening in the Templiner See floating near the peninsula Hermannswerder, informed the police department West on Monday. After initial investigations, it was very likely an 81-year-old senior citizen, who had been reported missing from a Potsdam retirement home on Wednesday, reported the police. However, a final identification is only possible after the forensic examination. (AP)


Graffiti sprayer arrested in Malchow

After spraying a house wall, a 40-year-old man was arrested in Berlin-Malchow. The man is suspected of having committed several property damage in the district of the outskirts Malchow. A witness watched the man spraying a wall on Piesporter Street around 11:40 pm and alerted the police. Emergency personnel were able to arrest the 40-year-old and found several spray cans and permanent markers during a search. In the immediate vicinity, another 15 property damage were found. During the arrest, the man resisted and insulted the forces deployed. In police custody, the detainee injured himself, so rescue workers had to take him to the hospital. (BC)


Man caught and brought in with Machete armed man

An armed man with a machete has been overwhelmed by the police after a dispute on a street in Berlin-Friedrichshain. An official has used physical violence because the 23-year-old has resisted the arrest, the police said on Monday. The gunman had a bleeding nose, said a spokeswoman on demand. He was treated on an outpatient basis in a clinic and because of his mental state in a psychiatric department.

A witness had called the police on Sunday afternoon because two men in Helsingforser Strae beat the 23-year-old. He then suddenly pulled a machete out of his backpack and wanted to attack the other two men with it. When the officials arrived, the brawlers were no longer there. “The 23-year-old drove off with a bicycle and, because he still held the machete in his hand, was soon recognized by police forces,” it said. In the scramble, the police officer was also slightly injured. (AP)


Alleged car burglar caught red-handed

A 52-year-old suspected car burglar has been caught red-handed in Berlin-Adlershof. His stolen goods: a hedge trimmer and a leaf blower, as a police spokeswoman said on Monday. First, a 21-year-old discovered the alleged perpetrator on late afternoon in the street Adlergestell on a delivery van and informed his neighbor, who owned the car. Both presented the burglar, who wanted to escape. Alarmed police officers finally arrested the 52-year-old. (AP)


Fox released from agony

Police officers shot a fox in Rahnsdorf on Sunday afternoon. Residents had called the officials into the Kalkbergeweg and made attention to the injured animal, which could no longer move independently. The police then released the fox from his agony. (BC)


Motorcycle thieves caught

Last night, police arrested two suspected thieves who had stolen a motorcycle in Wilhelmstadt. An out-of-state detective had heard strange noises coming from an underground car park on Gatower Street. A short time later, a van left the garage. The policeman alerted his colleagues, who stopped the car in Steinmeisterweg. There was a Yamaha stolen from the garage. Two men, ages 20 and 22, were arrested. (BC)


Several children of man xenophobic offended and threatened

A 61-year-old man in Berlin-Wedding has offended and threatened several playing children xenophobic. As a spokeswoman for the police said, the children played on Sunday afternoon in a backyard in the Sansibarstrae corner Mllerstrae. Here, the man and a 31-year-old woman, out of the window of a ground floor apartment out xenophobic offended and verbally threatened. The police state police responsible for political offenses has taken over the investigation. (AP)


One dead and 86 injured on the weekend in Brandenburg

On Brandenburg’s roads, 86 people were injured during road accidents at the weekend, a 64-year-old cyclist was killed. The man was on Saturday afternoon in Bernau (Barnim district) with his bike off the bike path and fallen, said a police spokesman for the situation center in Potsdam on Monday. Accordingly, he was found unconscious and died despite resuscitation attempt. Other vehicles were not involved in the accident. Why the man supported was still unclear.
A total of 443 traffic accidents were registered from Friday to Sunday, of which 65 were injured. (AP)

7th of July


Asked for silence: Teenagers hit group

Of a group of about seven people, several adults and a teenager were beaten on Saturday night at the Biesdorfer bathing lake in Beruner Strae / Schrodaer Strae. When they were approached by the adults, the group of young people responded with aggressive hostility, which sparked a physical dispute. Here, a 17-year-old should have taken on a 28-year-old woman. The woman suffered a cut injury on the upper body. Whether the suspect had also inflicted this injury to the woman, the police determined. In addition, a 19-year-old attacked a 29-year-old man with a glass bottle and inflicted a cut to his head. Both suspects are said to have hit a 14-year-old and kicked him. A hitherto unknown struck a 28-year-old several times in the dispute with the fists against the head. Then the group of thugs left. Policemen arrested shortly after the two suspects on the subway station Biesdorf south. They were already in the subway and waiting for the departure. The 17-year-old came into police custody. Servants prevented him from strangling himself with trousers and handcuffs. He came in psychiatric treatment of a hospital. The 14-year-old student had to be treated as an outpatient because of the injuries suffered in a hospital. The two attacked men and the woman initially waived treatment. (BC)


Drunk driver drives in front of freight train on tracks

A drunk driver drove to the train tracks in Karstdt (Prignitz district) and collided with a freight train. The 43-year-old did not recognize the course of the road on Saturday evening near the station and drove in the direction of the former railroad crossing, as the police announced on Sunday. His car picked up and hurled over the passage barrier. It landed on the tracks, where a freight train collided with the car despite emergency braking. According to police, there were no casualties, the property damage was 21 000 euros. A breath alcohol test in the car driver thus gave 2.02 per thousand. The train could continue to drive slightly damaged, according to police. (AP)


Spti-Ruber attacked with Messer a few hours after the fact

A man who allegedly attacked a late purchase in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen was stabbed a few hours later. The 20-year-old had been pushed out of a group of people against a shop window or pushed, police said on Sunday. The disc was splintered. In the attack on Saturday night, the attackers stabbed the man also several times in both thighs. There was no danger to his life, but the man was operated on. His 22 year old companion was injured in the face.

Both attackers are according to police even under suspicion of violence. They are said to have tried on Saturday morning with another suspected accomplice (19) to rob a late purchase near the crime scene. They demanded money from the two employees present. It should have come to a brawl in which the two employees were injured in the head and face. The three alleged perpetrators escaped without loot, but were arrested nearby and released in the afternoon. The police determine if there is a connection between the acts. (AP)


Man driving a car with a fake driver’s license

A 65-year-old man was caught in Perleberg with a fake driver’s license. During a check on Friday afternoon, he showed the police a document in which distinctive authenticity features were missing, as the police announced on Sunday. It was therefore a complete forgery. According to police, the man has not been driving for a long time, also there is a lock. (AP)


Man opens up on traffic jams – three injured

A motorist has run into a traffic jam on the Autobahn 9 near Beelitz, injuring three people. The man saw the jam end in a construction area on Saturday afternoon too late, as the police announced on Sunday. Shortly after the collision two more cars collided. Three people in the affected cars were injured and partly taken to the hospital, according to the police. Overall, therefore, a property damage of 18 000 euros. Blockages during the accident recording led to further traffic jams. (AP)


Man drives without driver’s license – parents report

Parents reported their son in Neuruppin for using their car without permission and without a driver’s license. The parents had previously received a fine for driving too fast, which had shown the 28-year-olds as motorists, as the officials announced on Sunday. The ad was refunded on Friday.

A day later, the 28-year-old was then again drunk driving in the car. Officers checked the man early Saturday morning. He admitted during the check, not to have a driver’s license. At the same time, a breath alcohol test gave a value of 2.26 per thousand. The man handed the cop to the policeman.

Among other things, the police are investigating driving without drunk driving and drunk driving. (AP)


Dead chickens in the enclosure – probably shot at with a weapon

Several chickens were probably shot at in Berlin-Oberschneweide and then died. The owner of the chicken pen already told the police on Friday that she had found a total of 13 dead animals on the open ground of the enclosure since Wednesday, the officials said on Sunday. A pathological examination suggested that the animals were shot at with an air rifle or a similar weapon. (AP)


Car driver drives purchases drunk and without a license home

With 2.06 per thousand has tried in Mann in Potsdam to drive his purchases in the car home. The drunk driver had shopped on Saturday night in a supermarket in Anni-von-Gottberg-Strae in Potsdam’s district Kirchsteigfeld. Then the obviously drunken man sat back in his car and drove off the parking lot, as reported by the police department West on Sunday. A witness had watched the man and followed him by car. The police found the drunk man 2.06 per thousand. He had already given his driving license long ago. He was taken a blood sample and prohibited the onward journey. (AP)


Paketbote drives vans with 2.25 per thousand

Because the parcel delivery agent smelled of alcohol, an attentive Potsdam lady called the police – and rightly so: policemen found 2.25 per thousand in the 42-year-old man who delivered parcels with a van in Potsdam. He was taken a blood sample and prohibited the onward journey, as reported by the Police Department West on Sunday. A criminal case was brought against the man. (AP)


Driving student practices without driving instructor – ad against 20-year-olds

A driving student practiced driving in Potsdam without his driving instructor. The 20-year-old wanted to drive in the car park of the former station Potsdam-Pirschheide on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by his 28-year-old sister. An attentive walker noticed how the young man and his sister first exchanged seats, as reported by the police department West on Sunday. As the car pulled away, the young man choked the engine more often. The stroller alerted the police. The police stopped the vehicle. The 20-year-old confessed to want to practice together with his sister for the upcoming driving test. The police filed a complaint against the young man and prohibited him from continuing. (AP)


Driving school car rams Fiat against traffic island


The Fiat landed on this traffic island.



In the night of Sunday, a driving school car at the junction Neukllner Strae / Schnefelder Strae in Rudow has rammed a small car. The Fiat was thereby pushed into the traffic island between the lanes of the Neukllner road. The driving school car was driven laterally on the small car, while the left rear suspension was badly damaged. The front and underbody area of the Fiat was also affected. The two inmates escaped with horror. They were able to remember the characteristic of the accident causer. The police are now trying to identify the driver of the vehicle. According to initial findings, it was the vehicle of a driving school from the sun avenue in Neuklln. (BC)


15-member group attacks man with irritant gas

A man was attacked and injured from a group of about 15 people in Berlin-Oberschneweide. The group stepped in and hit the 30-year-old on Saturday night, the police said on Sunday. She should also have sprayed him with irritant gas. According to the information, the men fled unrecognized. According to the 30-year-old, it should have come in a snack before a dispute with a man. Whether this part of the perpetrator group was, according to police still determined. The 30-year-old was treated on an outpatient basis (BLZ)

6th of July


Serious accident between RTW and car

Accident with RTW

Accident on the intersection Danziger road corner Landsberger avenue between an ambulance and a car.


Morris Pudwell

An ambulance and a car collided on Saturday night in Friedrichshain. The accident occurred at the crossroads Danziger Strae corner Landsberger Allee. Nothing is known about the cause of the accident. After the collision, the ambulance crashed into a traffic light mast. (BC)


Fleeing bat floats through the Spree

Immediate attack on Saturday morning in Mitte: A man had breakfast in the outside area of a club building in Rungestrasse and suddenly found himself facing an alcoholic-looking, English-speaking passers-by. This hit the 36-year-old suddenly several times with a bottle against the head. When he sought refuge and help in the entrance area of the clubhouse, the attacker threw the bottle in his direction, but missed him. The bottle splintered on the front door and damaged it. Then the man jumped into the nearby Spree and swam in the direction of Michael Bridge, where he climbed out again, according to witnesses. Policemen discovered the drenched 30-year-old in the Kpenicker road and arrested him. A voluntary breath alcohol test with him gave a value of about 1.5 parts per thousand. After identification service and a blood sample, the 30-year-old was released. The police investigate for dangerous bodily injury and property damage. (BC)


Racket after persecution drive caught

Three men have seriously injured a 53-year-old in Berlin-Tegel. The later victim and his 29-year-old companion had approached the trio in the Saturday night in a parking lot at the S-Bahn station Tegel, because they had thrown glass bottles, police said. Thereupon, the three men attacked according to the information only with fists, then one struck the 53-year-old with a glass bottle unconscious. As police and paramedics arrived, the three suspects fled the car and raced towards Mrkisches Viertel. The officers took up the chase with a police car – initially unsuccessful. Civilian police later discovered the vehicle at a gas station at Eichhorster Weg / Wilhelmsruher Damm and arrested the suspects – a 20-year-old and two 17-year-old. (AP)


Illegal race: Driving licenses and cars cashed

A civil strife ended an illegal car race in Wilmersdorf on Friday evening. The police noticed at a traffic light at Fehrbelliner Platz, how two drivers with their BMW and Renault at the stop line, drove off in green with roaring engines and screeching tires and accelerated on the Hohenzollerndamm towards Zehlendorf strong. The two vehicles also followed a VW, which was also heavily accelerated. The civil stripe followed the trio with blue lights and sirens. All three vehicles turned left into Schsische Strae. There, the officials initially signaled the golf driver to stop. A short time later, the 25-year-old BMW driver and the 24-year-old Renault driver were stopped, the VW driver fled the place. The 24- and 25-year-olds had to give their cars and driving licenses. (BC)


13 people rescued at home fire

The Berlin fire brigade rescued tenants from a burning house in Neuklln on Saturday night. Also two cats and a hare could be brought to safety. As the fire department announced, the fire broke out in a ground floor apartment from which a resident was rescued. Two people were hospitalized with suspected smoke poisoning. (Tc)


80-year-old seriously injured in robbery

In a robbery in Fennpfuhl an 80-year-old was seriously injured on Friday. According to police, the Lord committed around 14.05 clock the walkway in Karl-Lade-Strae corner Buggenhagenstrae. Here he was suddenly torn off by a stranger’s golden necklace and he was knocked to the ground. The culprit then fled towards Landsberger Allee. Alerted rescue workers brought the 80-year-old with a severe leg injury for inpatient treatment in a hospital. A Raubkommissariat determined. (Tc)


Mobile and wallet stolen

Fortunately, a 29-year-old was not injured during a robbery on Saturday night in Kreuzberg. According to him, at 2.10am he was knocked down by two unknown persons on the pavement of Skalitzer Strasse. There, the perpetrators grabbed his cell phone and wallet from his trouser pockets and then fled in the direction of Wiener Strae. Alarmed police searched the neighborhood and found the two suspects (20 and 27), who arrested them for the time being. During the search, the officers found the stolen property and ensured it. The duo was transferred to the departmental commissariat of the Police Directorate 5 after the identification service. (Tc)

New Hohenschnhausen

Robber put to flight

In an unsuccessful robbery on early Saturday morning in Neu-Hohenschnhausen no one was injured. According to the findings to date entered around 4.05 clock two masked and armed offenders the bar on Prerower Square and met there only to present guests. Due to the subsequent verbal altercation, the employee of the restaurant in the neighboring business became aware and went to the bar.

Here she was asked by the duo under the charge of two firearms to open the box office. She declined and pushed one of the two towards the exit. Here he came after police downfall, his accomplice helped him to his feet. Subsequently, the duo escaped without loot direction Ahrenshooper street. (Tc)


99-year old started

On Friday, an old lady in Fennpfuhl suffered injuries to her head in a traffic accident and had to be taken to hospital for inpatient treatment. After the previous investigation and statements ran the 99-year-olds at 14.50 clock on the pavement behind a retirement home in the Josef-Orlopp-road, as the 38-year-old driver of an Opel Movano reset the van and drove the senior here.

The pedestrian crashed and suffered a broken nose and head wound. She came to a hospital. (Tc)


Car damaged in case of fire

Passers-by alerted police and firefighters to a backyard in Moabit early Saturday morning. At about 3.10 am, the witnesses noticed flames on a BMW parked in the open courtyard to a residential building on Levetzowstrasse. The firefighters extinguished the fire. The car was severely damaged in the front area. The investigation into the cause of the fire has taken over a fire department of the State Office of Criminal Investigation. (Tc)


Offended and beaten before club

Before a club in Charlottenburg it came on Saturday in the morning to a dispute. At 3.20 am, the police alerted the police to the restaurant in Joachimsthaler Strasse. There, a 28-year-old woman indicated that she was first insulted by a visitor to the club homophobic and then punched in the face with a fist.

The suspect was no longer in place at the time the ad was taken. The personal details of the 21-year-old were determined on the basis of testimonies. The 28-year-old suffered a facial injury and was treated as an outpatient in a hospital. (Tc)


For the first time in years, fewer knife attacks in Brandenburg were counted

For the first time in years, Brandenburg’s police registered fewer knife attacks in 2018 than the year before. As reported by the Interior Ministry on a request from the AfD in the state parliament, there were in the previous year 387 crimes with knives and other stabbing weapons. That was 17 fewer cases than in 2017. More than half of the suspects – 54.4 percent – were German. The proportion of foreigners in this category of crime statistics increased slightly in the two reporting years from 43.9 per cent to 45.6 per cent. (AP)

5th July


Right turn: truck driver overlooks and captures cyclist

A 23-year-old cyclist was caught on Friday by a right-wagon and seriously injured. According to current findings, the 25-year-old truck driver turned in the morning in Wedding in the Reinickendorfer road and overlooked the cyclist, as the police announced in the evening. The woman came to the hospital with a head injury and a broken leg, where she was out of danger. For the exact accident, the investigation was started. (AP)


Four injured after attack with car

After a dispute, two brothers in a car to have hit two young men and then attacked one of the two. The 20-year-old driver had approached a group of four men aged 19 to 22 with his brother in the passenger seat on late Thursday evening in Neuklln, the police said on Friday. The group had fled to a green area. The driver followed them loudly and touched one of them. A 22-year-old he captured with his car. He crashed after the impact on the hood. The driver and his 16-year-old brother should have dropped out and hit him. The younger brother, who is already known to the police, is said to have used a baton.

The group escaped and reported the incident. Three young men were slightly injured in the incident. The 22-year-old, however, broke his hand and had to go to the hospital. When the two suspects wanted to file a complaint later, they were arrested. Investigations revealed that elsewhere there had previously been a dispute between the 16-year-old and the group, said the youngster should have taken a wooden board on the group. (AP)


Police are catching suspected arsonists

The police have caught a suspected arsonist at Lindow (Ostprignitz-Ruppin district). The 20-year-old is suspected of having set a fire on a heath ground on Thursday afternoon, as the prosecutor Neuruppin and the police announced on Friday. Policemen saw the suspect on the way to the scene of the fire and briefly arrested him a short time later.

According to the information, the 20-year-old is suspected of having laid more fires in the past. He had shown himself in several cases. On Friday he was presented to a magistrate. This ordered pre-trial detention. (AP)


Police car rammed by car

A car collided on Friday morning with a police car traveling with blue lights and sirens on. After recent investigations, the 49-year-old drove on Friday with her car on the Mrkische Allee and collided at the intersection Wuhletalstrae with the car, as the police said. The driver and her 62-year-old co-driver were hospitalized for complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain. A detained man sitting in the back of the police car and both policemen were unharmed. (AP)


Broken nose – man hit with a beating in the face

Two strangers attacked and injured a 32-year-old on Thursday night. The attackers attacked the victim around 8 pm at S-Bahn station Yorckstrae with a brass knuckle, as the police announced on Friday. The 32-year-old came to the hospital with suspected a broken nose. The duo escaped unrecognized, a search of the police was initially unsuccessful. The officials investigate for dangerous bodily injury and search for witnesses. (AP)


Police control on the Big Star – Tempo 108 instead of 50

With a great control, the Berlin police proceeded on Thursday evening at the Great Star against traffic offenders. Between 21:30 and 0:40, 25 police officers and representatives of the Customs and the State Office for Civil Affairs were involved. The police focused on their data from Friday, especially on the monitoring of speed and caught ten drivers who drove too fast. One was traveling at a speed of 108 instead of the permitted 50 km / h. However, taxis and trucks were also checked for violations in travel times and approvals. (AP)


Fire in a former dairy farm – straw bales on fire

A fire in a former dairy farm in Plessa (Elbe-Elster) on Friday alarmed the fire brigade and the police. From a previously unexplained cause, a fire broke out in a 500-square-meter stable. There were according to first findings straw bales stored, which burned. When the forces arrived, the fire had already spread throughout the stable. The firefighting continued throughout the morning, the fire department was able to prevent an expansion of the flames. The investigation into the cause of the fire was started. (AP)


Another bomb discovery in Oranienburg

In Oranienburg again two World War II bombs were discovered. The defusing of American-style explosive devices is scheduled for 18 July, the city announced on Friday on its website. The 500-kilogram bombs are six meters deep. They had been discovered on a property during the systematic search for weapons.

By July 17, according to the information, the preparatory work. It is still unclear whether the detonators are still intact. If this is the case, a blocking circle of 100 meters around the locality is established. The Oder-Havel canal lying in this area would be closed until the measure is completed. (AP)


Fire in apartment house

On late Friday morning, a fire broke out in a multi-family house in Kpenick. 70 firefighters were at the firefighting spot, said the Berlin fire department on Twitter. The fire could be extinguished quickly. Previously, the forces had six children, seven adults, a dog and a cat from the burning building were rescued. All 13 people had to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation. (BC)


Masked trio raids pharmacy

Three masked men attacked a pharmacy on Thursday evening in Prinzenstrasse in Kreuzberg. According to the 42-year-old owner, the perpetrators armed with knives entered the sales room around 18:15 hours and demanded that the cash register be opened. The pharmacist followed suit. As the police say, the trio fled after grabbing the cash register and headed for the water gate. The owner and his colleague were unhurt. (BK)


14-year-old cyclist seriously injured

In a traffic accident in Friedrichshagen on Thursday afternoon a teenager was seriously injured. The 14-year-old was first findings at 17.30 o’clock the sidewalk of the Frstenwalder dam coming from the station Friedrichshagen coming out of town and had then suddenly switched to the lane. There he collided with a Renault, told the police. The boy was severely injured in the collision and was escorted to a hospital for emergency treatment by rescue workers. During the rescue operations and the accident recording it came to failures of the tram line 61 in both directions. (BC)


Road robbery: perpetrator threatens with broken bottle

An 18-year-old threatened and robbed two passers-by in Kreuzberg during the night of Friday. Police say a 24-year-old and his 29-year-old acquaintance were traveling around 2 o’clock in the Vienna street, when suddenly a young man who was behind them since the Kottbusser Tor threatened him with a broken bottle neck and demanded money. The 24-year-old threw coins at the attacker’s feet, escaped with his companion to a nearby bar and called the police. The officers searched the area and arrested the suspected 18-year-olds in the Wiener Strae corner Skalitzer Strae. (BC)


Car detected cyclist: seriously injured

In a traffic accident on Thursday evening, a cyclist in Kreuzberg suffered serious facial injuries. After the previous investigations and statements drove the 18-year-old with her bike in the Gneisenaustrae corner of Baerwaldstrae from a pedestrian crossing, opposite to the direction of travel, in the flow traffic and was detected by a 26-year-old Seat driver who left to the east turned into the Gneisenaustrae, the police said on Friday. The young woman fell and injured herself severely. Rescue workers took her to a hospital, where she was hospitalized. (BC)


Crashed cyclist discovered on street

A cyclist discovered a fallen cyclist on a street in Friedrichsfelde on Friday early in the morning. It lay in he turn Wallensteinstrae / Neuer Feldweg. The man alerted the police and the fire department. The arriving ambulance determined that the woman was over 2 per thousand under the influence of alcohol. She was taken to a hospital. (BC)


Pickup truck burned out

A pickup truck burned out in the night of Friday in Berlin-Lichtenrade. Police are currently expecting arson, a spokeswoman said. A local resident noticed the flames around 0.30 am and alerted the fire department. (AP)

July 4th


Raser rams police car twice – and then runs away

The driver of a stolen car has delivered on Thursday morning in Nikolassee a chase with the police. The officials had noticed the VW at 4.30 clock in the Potsdam Chausee, because it came at a high speed reached her. With police lights and blue sails the policemen pursued the Raser, which slowed down at the road junction Potsdamer Chaussee corner Nibelungenstrae and stopped in front of the crossing area. Suddenly, however, he drove backwards and rammed the emergency vehicle behind him, raced on and rammed the police car in the Nibelungenstrae for the second time.

The car driver escaped to the intersection Seeufer / Alemannstrae, left the car there and ran away. Research into the escape vehicle revealed that the car had recently been stolen in Lloyd G. Wells Street. In VW, the forces found a stolen bike. The police car was so damaged that it had to be towed. (KMI)


Kiloweise drugs discovered – dealers want to flee the balcony

Special forces of the Berlin police arrested three alleged drug dealers in Neuklln on Wednesday. As the officials announced on Thursday, an apartment in the Dieselstrae was searched, over 5.5 kilograms of cannabis, just under 900 grams of amphetamine, various packaging material and several thousand euros cash were discovered. A 31-year-old suspect was arrested. The other two suspects, both 24 years old, tried to escape across the balcony, but were also caught. The prosecution requested arrest warrants against the three men. (KMI)


Woman injured by mattress

A woman has been hit by a mattress in front of an eleven-story house and injured. She could not see where the bullet came from. The police investigate for negligent assault. (BC)


Pedestrian hit by road bike – cyclist commits accident escape

In Berlin-Westend, a 50-year-old female pedestrian has been hit by a racing cyclist and seriously injured. The woman wanted to cross a side lane of Heerstrae on Wednesday evening, when she was hit by a racing cyclist coming from the left, as a police spokeswoman said on Thursday. Both crashed. The cyclist then got up again, insulted the woman and left the scene of the accident. The pedestrian suffered a forearm fracture and had to go to hospital for hospitalization. (AP)


Car burns – Police suspect arson

In Berlin-Tempelhof, a parked car caught fire early Thursday morning. According to fire department spokesman, the car was in the Rohrbeckstrae corner Bacharacher road. Alerted emergency services extinguished the fire and prevented the flames from spreading to other vehicles. Nobody got hurt. The police suspect arson as a cause. Further details were not yet known. Already last night, four cars and a construction container were on fire in Berlin-Tiergarten. There were already six vehicles burning out there earlier this week. (AP)


Cyclists hit by car and injured

A 27-year-old cyclist was hit by a car in Berlin-Kreuzberg and seriously injured. As a police spokeswoman said on Thursday, the cyclist wanted to cross the carriageway on Wiener Strae on Wednesday evening. He was hit by a 33-year-old driver. He parked the car after the accident and then left the scene of the accident. Only half an hour later, he came back with his mother and stood. He was traveling without a license. The cyclist suffered several injuries, including the face and leg. (Dpa)


Man injured with knife

In the early morning hours, a man stabbed a 28-year-old in a club in Charlottenburg. The seriously injured man came to a clinic and had to be operated on. Mortal danger is reportedly not currently. Policemen arrested a 22-year-old man shortly after the crime. (BK)

3rd of July


Car bounces against tree – driver dies

On the B188 in Havelland county a motorist was fatally injured. The man came off the road in a curve on Wednesday afternoon, hit a tree and died, the police said. The highway then had to be fully closed. The cause of the accident near the place Kotzen was initially unclear. (AP)


Unknown injured men with bottles and belts

Two men in Berlin-Mitte were thrown at by strangers with bottles, robbed and injured. The two 35- and 27-year-olds argued late Tuesday evening at Alexanderplatz with a 17-year-old and other men, as the federal police announced on Wednesday. When the two then went to the station, they were followed by the group. The strangers attacked her with glass bottles and a belt.

One of the attackers stole the 35-year-old backpack, which injured his head. He refused a medical treatment. His companion injured his hand and the back of his head. The alarmed rescue workers provided him. The 17-year-old from the group of attackers arrested the officials in the vicinity. An alcohol control gave 0.98 per thousand. All others were able to flee unrecognized. The young man now has to answer for dangerous assault and robbery theft. (AP)


Ten-year-old is said to have set fire in Grunewald

After it burned on Tuesday in Grunewald, the police are now investigating on suspicion of arson. Police reported that the fire started around 2:20 pm at a wooden hut in the area of Elsgrabenweg in the district of Spandau. Previously, children should have played there. A ten-year-old boy is said to have lit leaves, causing the fire to break out. In the area, emergency workers discovered two children, nine years old, who had to be hospitalized for smoke poisoning. The ten-year-old boy was handed over to his mother after a questioning by the investigators of the criminal police. (BC)


Man racially offended and attacked

A 46-year-old man was attacked by two men in Berlin-Friedrichshain and insulted racially. The two attackers are said to have insulted the man, probably because of his skin color in the night to Wednesday in the Landsberger Allee first, as the police said. After the victim got into his car and wanted to drive away, prevented the two 39- and 40-year-old men the departure. The situation ended in a brawl. The 46-year-old suffered minor injuries to the head and hand. The police state police responsible for political offenses has taken over the investigation. (AP)


Several cars and a construction container burned out

In Berlin-Tiergarten several cars burned out. As a spokesman for the fire department said, burned in the Hansaviertel in the Bartningallee early Wednesday morning four cars and a construction container. The motorways were quickly cleared. However, the extinguishing work on the construction container designed more difficult, as this was difficult to access and the fire flared up again and again, as the spokesman said. The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. Already in the previous night six cars were completely burnt out in Berlin Tiergarten. Whether a connection between the arson insists, must be examined by the police still. (AP)


Fire in dorm – a person injured

A fire broke out in a men’s dorm in Berlin-Pankow. Towards late Tuesday evening, furnishings burned in a common room in the home for homeless men in the Grabbeallee, a fire department spokesman said. Twelve people were able to get themselves to safety before the arrival of rescue workers. One person was hospitalized with suspected smoke poisoning. How it came to the fire was initially unclear. (AP)

2nd July


Captured by vans: Cyclist critically injured

A female cyclist was arrested on Tuesday in Berlin-Mitte by a pickup truck and critically injured. As the police announced, the 34-year-old had crossed the Karl-Marx-Allee. According to testimonies, she should have driven to the central island and then tried to cross the second lane at red. She was seized by the car, fell and suffered severe head injuries. Rescue workers took the woman to a hospital. (AP)

Soon Belzig

Pilot dies in crash with glider

When a glider crashed near the airfield Lsse near Bad Belzig (Potsdam-Mittelmark) the pilot was killed. The glider had plummeted on Tuesday for unknown reasons near the airfield in a cornfield, reported a spokeswoman for the police department West. Witnesses had alerted the police at 13:42.

Already at 14 clock had landed a rescue helicopter at the accident site. The ambulance had attempted a resuscitation of the pilot, but the man had died at the scene of the accident, said the spokeswoman. The police started the investigation into the cause of the accident. (AP)


Unknown lay stones on railroad tracks

A regional train drove on Staaken train station in Berlin-Spandau on Monday evening over gravel stones that unknown people had laid on the tracks. According to the current state of investigation, one or more suspects placed the stones on the rails. The regional express of the German course was not damaged and could continue its journey, said a spokesman for the Federal Police Berlin on Tuesday. The agency is seeking witnesses and initiating a preliminary investigation for dangerous interference with rail traffic. The laying of obstacles on track is no “stupid boy”. (AP)

Berlin / Potsdam

Man abuses fellow travelers in train xenophobic

After xenophobic statements in a regional express between Berlin-Charlottenburg and Potsdam, the federal police on Monday evening prevented a man on the onward journey. The police said a civilian officer had asked the man shortly after 10:00 to stop his harassment. As a result, the 68-year-old insulted the officials and added colleagues at Potsdam Central Station.

A customer representative of the regional express closed the Potsdamer from the onward journey. The man, however, refused to leave the train. The officers took the man and his 49-year-old companion into custody. A police officer was injured. Since the woman had also insulted and physically attacked the police, both investigations are underway for insulting, resisting law enforcement and attempting to release prisoners. (AP)

Holy Sepulcher

Fly causes car accident driver seriously injured

Small cause – big effect: Because of an annoying fly in the car, a car driver at Heiligengrabe in Brandenburg caused an accident with high damage. As a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday, had the 33-year-old driver on Monday claims to have lost in the insect hunting control of the car. This bounced near the village Blumenthal head-on against a tree. The woman from the neighboring district Mecklenburgische Seenplatte was taken seriously injured in a clinic. The car was damaged in the amount of 16,000 euros. Other vehicles were not involved. (AP)


Sibling couple threatened with gun and robbed

On Tuesday morning, a sibling couple in Reinickendorf was threatened with a gun and robbed. The two brothers, aged 16 and 18, sat at a snack bar on Schwarnweberstrasse at about 3:45 pm and played at a machine when two strangers entered the barracks, threatening them with their weapons drawn and forcing them to surrender their profits. After the brothers handed over the money, the robber duo fled in the direction of Graf-Haeseler-Strae. (BLZ).


27-year-old homophobic insulted and strangled

A 27-year-old was attacked in Berlin-Neuklln and homophobic insulted. A 28-year-old man called him on Monday evening when entering a multi-family house in the Roseggerstrae first as a “fagot” and grabbed his victim’s neck, as the police announced on Tuesday. “Then the man strangled the 27-year-old and pressed his head against the wall,” said a spokeswoman for the police. The 27-year-old suffered a bruise on the head and minor injuries to the neck, but refused a first aid. The police caught the alleged perpetrator at the scene and recorded his personal details. (AP)


Around 1000 square meters of forest on fire

In Berlin-Kpenick, the fire department has left on Tuesday for a forest fire. “In Kpenick burn about 1000 square meters of forest,” said a spokesman for the fire department in the morning. The firefighters moved to the fire at around 3.45. The extinguishing work continued in the morning. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. (AP)


Six cars completely burned out

Six cars burned in Berlin-Tiergarten during the night of Tuesday. Around 1.00 three parked cars in the street at the Urania went up in flames, as a spokesman for the fire department said on Tuesday morning. The cars were completely burned out. Two hours later, the fire department moved again because of burning cars. Three more vehicles were burning in Mller-Breslau-Strasse. The flames also spread to around ten square meters of embankment. The fire department put out the fire quickly, the vehicles burned out completely. Why the cars were on fire, was initially unclear. (AP)


Pedestrians seized by car and seriously injured

Rescuers stabilize the accident driver at the Buckower dam in Neuklln.

Rescuers stabilize the accident driver.


Morris Pudwell

Around 0.50 clock on the Buckower dam in Britz, a man was hit by a car and seriously injured. He crashed into the windshield and was thrown back onto the road where he lay unconscious. Rescuers stabilized the man on the road for over 15 minutes until he was transportable. The driver of the car remained unhurt, but was in shock. The traffic investigation service took over the accident recording on site. The Buckower dam was closed between Gutschmidtstrae and Dachdeckerweg outbound for several hours. (BC)

July 1


Cyclists seriously injured in accident

On Monday morning, a 33-year-old cyclist was driving shortly after 9 o’clock on Alexanderstrae in the direction of Jannowitzbrcke. He should turn left at red in the Holzmarktstrae. At the intersection, there was a collision with the Skoda of a 47-year-old, who was traveling on the Stralauer road in the direction of Michael Bridge. The cyclist suffered serious injuries and came to a clinic. (BC)


Pedestrian severely injured – driver’s escape

A woman was hit by a car in Berlin-Reinickendorf and seriously injured. The 64-year-old was on Sunday evening on foot in the street Ollenhauerstrae, as the police announced on Monday. According to witnesses, a car was detected at a petrol station entrance and pressed against a parked car. The woman fell and was badly injured on both legs. The exact course of the accident was initially unclear. “Whether the car drove on the road or came from the gas station, we do not know,” said a police spokeswoman. The car drove on despite the accident. Rescuers took the seriously injured to a clinic. According to police, there was no danger to life. (AP)


Man at S-Bahn station attacked with metal chain – Witnesses wanted

Five unknown persons attacked a man at the S-Bahn station Hermannstrae in Berlin-Neuklln on the night of Sunday and injured his head. According to initial findings of the police, the perpetrators attacked the 30-year-old at 1.20 in the lobby of the station. They not only beat their victim with fists, but also used beer bottles and a metal chain. In addition, other people are said to have been attacked and injured by the group. The police are now looking for witnesses. (AP)


69-year-old woman dies in swimming accident

During a swimming accident in Eichwalde (Dahme-Spreewald), a woman died on Monday. Bathers on a lake had been observed by the police, as the 69-year-old drifted apparently lifeless in the water. (AP)


Wanted arrest warrant: Woman arrested at the airport

A woman wanted with arrest warrants was arrested on Sunday morning at the airport Berlin-Schoenefeld. The 28-year-old wanted to fly to the Ukrainian capital Kiev, as the police announced on Monday. At the exit check, the officials found that the young woman was under arrest warrants for unpaid fines. Since she could not settle the outstanding amount of 395 euros on the ground, she is expected to go to prison for 79 days. (AP)


ATM blown up

Early in the morning unknown people blew up an ATM in Marzahn. According to recent investigations, a taxi driver noticed shortly after 4 o’clock in the forecourt of a bank in the Mehrower Allee a scooter, with two masked persons. The scooter driver is said to have threatened the taxi driver with a firearm and asked to disappear, which he did. A little later, witnesses heard a loud bang. Alerted police forces found a broken machine at the local bank branch. The force of the explosion damaged several discs and bank inventory. The suspects are said to have escaped without prey on the scooter in the direction of Sella Hasse Street / Ludwig Renn Street. (BC)


Man injured after arrest several police

A 23-year-old made such a strong resistance on Sunday afternoon in a custody in Tempelhof that five policemen could not continue their service. After the man had threatened the employees of a betting shop in the Berlinickestrae in Steglitz around 17.05 clock with a penknife, he had fled. The crew of a squad car discovered the 23-year-olds due to a precise description of the person in the Dppelstrae and arrested him. He was subsequently taken into custody. Here the man struggled with punches, kicks, spits and bites against the police. (BC)


Monument smeared with paint

In Tiergarten, a memorial was smoked on Sunday evening. Employees of a security firm were around 21.15 clock damage to the monument to the persecuted in National Socialism homosexuals in Ebertstrae. Previously unknown culprits had smeared the glass of the memorial by means of black paint. The police state protection determined. (BC)


Burned out mini

In a fire last night in Neuklln a mini was completely destroyed. Policemen noticed the fire at the intersection Weserstrae / corner Thiemannstrae. They alerted the fire department, which put out the fire, but could not prevent a complete destruction of the car. A nearby VW was also damaged. (BC)


Fire in the staircase

Fortunately, no one was injured during a fire on Sunday afternoon in an apartment building in Kreuzberg. Around 4:50 pm, a resident noticed a burning bag in front of a door on the Erkelenz dam and alarmed the police and fire brigade, which put out the fire. (BC)


Cyclist seriously injured in collision with car

A 49-year-old cyclist was seriously injured in a collision with a car in Berlin-Neuklln. The man collided with a car on Sunday afternoon at the intersection Richardplatz / Richardstrae, a spokeswoman for the police said on Monday. He probably overlooked the car coming from the right. The cyclist bounced his head against the windshield of the car and came with serious head injuries in a hospital. (AP)