Bottle Cap Challenge: Heidi Klum joins in and challenges Naomi Campbell

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:Heidi Klum joins “Bottle Cap Challenge”

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Heidi Klum



Los Angeles –

With a strong kick Heidi Klum (46) got involved in the “Bottle Cap Challenge”. During the action that is currently circulating on the Internet, participants use their feet to wipe the screw cap of a beverage bottle so that it releases and falls to the ground. The German model posted on Thursday several videos on Instagram, in which she is seen with the fashion consultant Tim Gunn.

With a powerful kick Klum kicks in a video from the closure of the plastic bottle. In another clip, the model in a garish green outfit, that she is “so good” in it. Gunn then enters the picture with a container full of plastic lids and jokes that it cost her only a few tries. With innocence Klum holds against it, that it really worked right away. They would now ask Model Naomi Campbell to join in the action, Klum wrote to the videos.

Several celebrities, including Jason Statham, John Mayer and Justin Bieber posted videos of their “Bottle Cap Challenge” attempts in recent weeks. Pop diva Mariah Carey also showed in a clip how she solves the closure of a bottle – but with her high vocals. Celebrities also make their mark in the viral hit in Germany, including professional footballer Marco Reus and teen idol Mike Singer. (AP)