Fire in warehouse in Berlin Neu-Hohenschnhausen: Fire department fighting against fire on industrial sites

Warehouse collapsed
:Major fire in Neu-Hohenschnhausen is under control

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Around 100 firefighters fight a fire on the site of a car recycling.



Berlin –

On Sunday evening, a fire broke out on an industrial site in Berlin Neu-Hohenschnhausen. It was the site of a car recycling company in Gehrenseestrae. The burning warehouse collapsed as a result of the fire. The approximately 100 task forces had the fire but quickly under control. The firefighting continued for several hours into the night, because the fire could only be extinguished from the outside, said a spokesman for the fire department of this newspaper.

Brand Neu-Hohenschnhausen

Dark smoke rises behind the skyscrapers near Storkower Strae. According to the fire department, a warehouse on the site of a car recycling has caught fire.



Residents had reported loud banging from the direction of the burning hall. Forces confirmed that there had been three explosions before the collapse of the hall. It had been compressed gas tank with acetylene, a welding gas, acted, said the fire department spokesman. Danger for the surrounding residents did not exist. Since the area is located in a pure industrial area, no evacuation was required, said the fire spokesman on Sunday evening.

Residents should keep windows and doors closed

The fire was accompanied by a strong smoke. The more than 100 meters high black smoke column was seen in many parts of the capital. Numerous Twitter users posted photos and videos of the huge cloud of smoke. This made for several hours for stench in the nearby housing estates.

Due to the wind, the areas east of the fire were particularly affected by the unpleasant odors. The fire department asked residents in this area (residential areas in the direction of Bitterfeldstrae / Klettwitzerstrae) to keep windows and doors closed even during the night hours.

Roads around the industrial site closed

Roads around the area at Gehrenseestrae were closed. The police secured the escape routes. Around 50 onlookers gathered near the site.

Brand Neu Hohenschnhausen

A dark cloud of smoke could also be seen in Kreuzberg.


Nadine Pensold

Around 6 pm, the fire broke out on an area of about 1,200 square meters in the single-storey warehouse of the car recycling company in Gehrenseestrasse. The steel-engineered hall housed automotive components such as engines, transmissions and car seats. The fire was buried under the collapse of tons of steel, so that the forces could not advance until the actual fire. The firefighting work was therefore restricted to the outside area. For this purpose, turntable ladders were used.

100 firefighters fought against major fire

Initially, the fire brigade arrived with around 60 task forces on site. Because of the size of the fire, more firefighters were alerted, so that in the end about 100 people fought the flames. Due to the hot day, the use of firefighters meant a heavy burden. Comrades and commanders made sure that the fire fighters always received enough to drink, a supplementary care was set up.

Due to the weekend, there were no people on the premises at the time the fire broke out, so there were no casualties. The cause of the fire still has to be determined.