Schlossbrcke in Charlottenburg: 8 weeks of blocking – traffic jam threatens

Traffic jam threatens in Charlottenburg
:Schlossbrcke is closed for weeks


This does not work for eight weeks: Driving on the Schlossbrcke in Charlottenburg.


imago / Joachim Schulz

Berlin –

The Berlin city traffic gets already again a new storage trap missed: Starting from Monday another bridge in the city area is locked. This time it meets the urgently need of renovation bridge in Charlottenburg. As reported by the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, it will be closed from Monday, 1 July to Friday 23 August.

Schlossbrcke blocked: No getting through for motorists

During the eight-week suspension, cars are not allowed to cross the bridge. Cyclists and pedestrians can, at least with restrictions, pass the bridge across the Spree. Depending on the construction phase, walking and cycle paths in both directions are set up on the eastern, then on the western side of the bridge, according to the message. The paths will be a good four meters wide.

From the blocking also the bus line 109 is affected. This is redirected in the affected on the Osnabrcker road – Mierendorffplatz – Smmeringstrae in the Otto-Suhr-Allee. Two replacement bus stops will be set up on the detour route.

For about three months, the Schlossbrckensteg under the bridge will be completely closed. For the Spree Cycle Path, which runs under the bridge, a long-distance bypass is signposted both to the west of the castle garden and along the Tegeler Weg.

Additional road works will last until April 2020

Construction on the underside of the bridge and on the eastern pedestrian and cycle path is expected to continue until the turn of the year. Roadworks also carries out the road and green space office at Luisenplatz during this time. These are expected to continue until April 2020, according to the Senate Administration.

Reason for the blocking of the lock bridge is a urgently necessary basic repair, informs the Senatsverwaltung further. The plan includes the renewal of the road surface including waterproofing, new corrosion protection on several bridge sections, the reworking of the bearings and the renewal of the transition structure on the south side. The construction costs for the renovation of the bridge, which was built in 1929, amount to around 2.9 million euros.

Other bridges in Berlin are currently closed for construction – including the Oberbaum Bridge between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, the Salvador Allende Bridge in Kpenick and the Elsenbrcke in Alt-Treptow. (BC)