DJ Tobias Hipple from Berlin-Marzahn: Donation campaign from the playground initiative

Party for the place child
:Marzahner start donation campaign for DJ Tobias Hippler

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Tobias Hippler played at the playground of the initiative at the age of four.

Tobias Hippler played at the playground of the initiative at the age of four. Today, the 19-year-old plays as a DJ at parties for her – preferably Schlager.


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Berlin –

Actually Tobias Hippler can hardly be disturbed. The last few days have taken him pretty much. The 19-year-old is a disc jockey at the Marzahner Verein playground initiative. Almost two weeks ago, the container was broken open, in which its entire equipment stood. Mixer, speakers, even cables and tools, devices worth 10,000 euros – all gone. Among them: self-mixed CDs and the magic box that Hippler inherited from his grandfather. A big blow for Hippler: “That hurts,” he says.

The solidarity is Tobias Hippler and the playground initiative

But the Marzahner do not leave Hippler alone. The playground initiative and its supporters organized a party on the adventure playground on Dessauer Strasse on Saturday to collect donations for him. Everything was joint work: the cakes that were sold have baked local residents. The poster saying “Soli-Party for Tobi”, which hung at the entrance, donated an entrepreneur. Another wants the club its video surveillance system.

On stage, befriended musicians and dancers appeared – with a fire, as if they were not 40, but in front of 4000 spectators. Bills fluttered into the donations box at the drinks stand: ten times, and another 50 euros. Even a check for 500 euros was handed over.

This solidarity is not only Tobias Hippler, but also the playground initiative. Since the beginning of the 90s, the association has been working for the children in Marzahn-Hellersdorf – no matter where they come from. On Saturday, children who had fled Syria with their parents danced in front of the stage with girls from Marzahn to the music of the Russian disco band Cosmonautix.

In Marzahn the playground initiative is an important tool

That is not a matter of course in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. There are many people living in the district who work hard, but earn little and need to top up their jobs. The result is heightened social problems. In 2014 and 2015, the NPD protested with some enthusiasm under the slogan “No to the home” against refugee shelters. Marzahn-Hellersdorf is still a stronghold of the AfD. At the European elections in May, the party brought here 19 percent – in Berlin their best result. Only the Left convinced with 21 percent more citizens of the district.

In the politically divided district, the playground initiative is an important binder. She is the glue that brings together leftists, AFD voters, refugees and late immigrants – or at least their children. The next generation should be fine. Everyone can agree on that.

Tobias Hippler is a success story of the Marzahn playground initiative

The association has earned the confidence of local residents over three decades hard. Many have come to the soli party to tell how it all began: with the first pedagogically supervised adventure playground, where children from Bauschrott built their own huts and slept in them – while the adults roasted and chatted bread at the campfire. Playmobiles soon followed, with educators touring the whole district. From the beginning, the initiative has tried to bring all the parties together to celebrate: the Russian New Year or the Day of the Roma and Sinti, celebrations in refugee homes, private birthdays or local celebrations on the Marzahn promenade.

First suspicious, but then wholeheartedly involved – as Matthias Bielor, chairman of the playground initiative, describes the Marzahner. He wants to activate their children, wants to show them how easily you can achieve something yourself. Anyone who has ever built a playhouse himself can no longer tell nonsense, Bielor is convinced.

Bielor likes to talk about the many success stories of his club. Tobias Hippler is one of them. The 19-year-old is a “place child” as Bielor calls it. Grown up on the playgrounds of the initiative, like so many. In his youth he “made shit”, says Hippler himself, school was never his great passion. He also faced refugees for a while rather critically. Bielor went to him, won him as a DJ – since then Tobias Hippler spends almost his entire free time in the club. He appears in refugee homes, he independently organizes three big festivals per year.

Tobias Hippler wants to continue

On Saturday, the significance of the playground initiative was also reflected in the number of local politicians who had come: Petra Pau von der Linken, Vice President of the Bundestag, has been supporting the playground initiative for a long time. For the SPD city councilor Gordon Lemm, who grew up in Marzahn, she is an important “anchor”, ideology-free, low-threshold, accessible to all. CDU man Alexander Herrmann admires the dedication of the 50 members: “If there was a need somewhere, the club was always there. You have to support that. “

At the end of the evening, Tobias Hippler looked from the stage at the dancing children and the conversational adults. The necessary 10,000 euros for a new equipment had not yet come together. Nevertheless, Hippler wants to be ready to go again next month; if need be, he will pay the money out of his own pocket. “That’s a give and take,” he says. “That’s the only way it works.”