Fire in Berlin Neu-Hohenschnhausen: Fire fights against fire on industrial sites

Fire in Neu-Hohenschnhausen
:100 forces fight against large fire in warehouse

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Dark smoke rises behind the skyscrapers near Storkower Strae. According to the fire department, a warehouse on the site of a car recycling has caught fire.



Berlin –

In the evening, a fire broke out on an industrial site in Berlin Neu-Hohenschnhausen. This is the site of a car recycling company in Gehrenseestrae. The fire is located in a warehouse, an area of around 1200 square meters is in flames. A more than 100 meters high black smoke column can be seen in many parts of the capital.

Initially, the fire brigade moved in with around 60 field workers. Meanwhile, around 100 task forces are fighting the fire. The extinguishing work is still in progress, initially there were problems with the water supply, a spokesman for the Berlin fire department.

Heavy smoke in Neu-Hohenschnhausen

There is a strong smoke at the fire site, by increasing wind this is blown away again and again from the site. This could be perceived as an odor nuisance in the surrounding residential neighborhoods, the spokesman continued. Human lives are not at risk according to initial findings.

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A dark cloud of smoke could also be seen in Kreuzberg.


Nadine Pensold

Several residents and passers-by reported explosion noise. The spokesman for the fire brigade was not able to confirm this yet. Since this is a recycling company for vehicles, but this is “in the range of possible”. Since the site is located in pure industrial area, no evacuations were required, the fire department spokesman.

Roads around the industrial site closed

Roads around the area at Gehrenseestrae were closed. The police secured the escape routes. Around 50 onlookers gathered near the site. (with dpa)